Friday, March 11, 2016

Dear Zarhym

We had a bit of connection, you and me. You may not have felt it, but I did. You and I, we're around the same age. Some people think we look alike. Our love of Warcraft is a given, but we also share another passion: percussion. Because of these things, I felt I could relate to you a bit deeper.

I remember the first time I met you (proof is in the header image). It was during the evening on Thursday, November 7th, 2013. You were chatting with some folks outside of the Hilton in Anaheim on the night before Blizzcon, and my friend pointed you out. By then, I knew who you were and had a basic understanding of your role at Blizzard. My goal was to talk to as many employees as I could, so I headed over.

I addressed you by your full name---not your CM handle---and you repeated it back to me like you hadn't heard it awhile. Made me chuckle. I gave you one of my business cards that pointed towards this site. Maybe you trashed that card at the end of the night, or maybe you held onto it and peeped this blog once. Either way, I don't care---the fact you made yourself so present and available to the playerbase night after night, con after con, forum post after forum post, made a huge impact.

Zarhym touches my business card. 

You will be dearly missed.

You were engaging, witty, and passionate. As players, we could see it and feel it. I can't imagine work as a CM being easy: always on-call, late hours, all while bearing the brunt of perhaps less-than-cordial feedback from an of players. In my opinion, you set the standard. A man with your talents, brain-power and experience should have nothing but a bright, promising future ahead of him.

Best of luck to you, Jonathan Brown.

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