Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5.2 farm changes: what would you add?

Early on in December, WoW Insider highlighted a comment by a blue poster that seemed to indicate Blizzard's intention to add improvements to the farm in patch 5.2. While they were coy about details, we know Blizzard is at least thinking about converting the farm into a player rest area and perhaps introducing additional tasks players can complete on behalf of their Best Friends for rewards.

Yesterday as I toiled at my own plots, I glanced around the farm and wondered, "What else might Blizzard do?" I don't really have any good guesses, but there are some things I wouldn't mind seeing.

For example, from time to time players will find that one of their animals has left behind a small pile of "dirt" they can loot. Most of the time it will give players a debuff called That's Not Mud! but occasionally they will find gold, gifts or other valuable items. I mean, right? It fits in perfectly with Blizzard's penchant for having us dig in piles of feces.

Some other possibilities:

Instead of having the Pandaren Scarecrow last a mere 5 minutes doing nothing but looking proper, the item will instead persist until it scares away four plainshawks that find your crops alluring.

Animals have feelings, too. The named animals---Dog, Luna, Miss Fifi and Shaggy---all have reputation bars and a favorite food ingredient they like to eat. Earning reputation with your farm animals unlocks additional rewards.

Shaggy the Yak functions as a taxi to and from the Halfhill Market. When mounted on Shaggy, players cannot attack or be attacked.

Have Dog chase Luna the cat, or have Luna chase chickens. Show me how my chickens keep dying right in front of my eyes. Stealthy cat.

Once reaching exalted with the Tillers and becoming best friends with all 10 Tiller NPCs, the Tiller Shrine on your farm grants you access to a special buff. Could be something useful such as +XP/Rep gain, a class buff or even something purely aesthetic.

The pond is now fishable. Granted, it's filled with nothing but grey items, but like the fountain in Dalaran, collect them all for a fun vanity item.

I wouldn't mind being able to give the "Dog" on the farm a proper name. Or maybe he could respond to emotes beyond /pet. Wouldn't it be cool if Dog followed you around the farm for a couple of minutes after you told him to /followme?

What about you? Is there anything you'd like to see added to the farm in a future patch?


  1. These are really good suggestions and I agree, Blizz LOVE to make us dig through poop so that will no doubt be coming in a patch soon! I wouldn't mind a kind of Whack-a-mole type thing with the vermin, if you could get a hammer from the reputation vendor or gain one another way perhaps? Similar to the Whack a Gnoll from the darkmoon faire.


  2. Oooh I like it. Maybe like those hammers you get in the Stormstout Brewery when you're fighting that giant rabbit. Click on all the occupied soil, gather up the little vermin and BAM! They all flight up into the air and die on impact.