Sunday, July 7, 2013

Battle Pet Spotlight: The crotch-sniffing Spawn of G'nathus

No matter which way I turned, Spawn of G'nathus displayed an alarming obsession with sniffing my shaman's crotch. 

Aquisition: 100% drop rate from G'nathus in Townlong Steppes

Ability 1: Swallow You Whole / Jolt
Ability 2: Dive / Lightning Shield
Ability 3: Thunderbolt / Paralyzing Shock

Ok, maybe this pet isn't a crotch-sniffer. Maybe I was just experiencing a freak set of circumstances that caused my little guy here to orient his head towards my shaman's nether regions wherever I went. Maybe I just needed an attention-grabbing headline.

Either way, does that guy look familiar to you? Probably not. Heck, as of this posting only 8% of collectors over at WarcraftPets have that little guy, despite how easy he is to own. And as you've most likely noticed, he (mine's a male named Creepy Jay because of all the crotch-sniffing I definitely witnessed) packs an interesting punch with a nice smattering of devastating aquatic and elemental abilities. He's also one of the faster non-flying pets at 289 speed at level 25. If you're not interested in the whole pet battle thing, know that the Spawn of G'nathus is tradeable/sellable, though it's not regularly seen on the auction house---price history listings indicate it's been listed from anywhere between 2,000-17,000 gold.

Kill big eel, get little eel

Getting the Spawn of G'nathus is actually quite easy, but you're going to need a friend or two. More if you want the fight to end quickly, as G'nathus packs 43.6 million HP and hits as hard as a raid boss. Our group's decently geared tank was taking hits upwards of 300k. Our first kill took a little longer with just a tank, healer and damage-dealer---recruiting a second DPS made additional attempts go significantly faster.

The large, eel-like creature patrols along the northern and eastern shores of an island named Shan'ze Dao in Townlong Steppes. If you spent any amount of time doing Shado-Pan dailies, you've no doubt been to this island. He's surrounded by non-elite sharks, many elite Spawn of G'nathus (they don't drop the pet), and a harmless patrolling leviathan---make sure your tank waits to pull until G'nathus is in a relatively uncrowded area. G'nathus has a frontal AoE-type ability, so the healer and any DPS should be behind the boss---but really, its damage isn't anything to worry about. As long as your healer isn't sleeping, you'll be fine---simple tank and spank.

And there you have it! He's on a fifteen minute respawn timer, so farm at your leisure. If you're looking for fast & efficient ways to level your battle pets, please check out my guides link in the main navigation.

Note: if you're really struggling with this fight, Starre suggests bringing a warlock for Curse of Exhaustion in the comments below. The slow meant their group didn't even need a healer.


  1. Simple?! Lol we still can't do it with a tank/heals/dps set up. He does a melee attack which hits the tank for a lot every few seconds which even with interrupts causes the healer some issues eventually... especially if your gear isn't that great.

    1. I have heard comments about it being difficult for certain healers. We had a decently geared shaman healer---about 500 ilvl---and a tank around 495 ilvl. If your healer is having issues, I'd suggest trying to bringing an extra healer.

      Our healer was using cooldowns as needed, as was the tank. You've gotta be on the mark and very reactive, cause the tank does seem to drop below 50% health every 3-4 seconds.

    2. A late reply but i soloed it today with my 546 huntard. Easy as hell =)

  2. I recently got this guy myself, it wasn't easy and then suddenly it was. Long story short, take a warlock with you. Have them keep curse of exhaustion up and kite while you all kill. This curse does a huge slow and last awhile compared to other class slows -- going this route we didn't need a healer.

  3. I still haven't got this guy. Tried to kill G'nathus ages ago with a tnank but no healer so it didn't go very well. I keep meaning to go back with a better line-up. I've been keeping an eye on my server AH and the lowest price I've seen is 5k.