Friday, March 11, 2016

Find Me on a Pod!

img: The Starting Zone

Earlier this year in the middle of January, I sat down to have a talk with @AlternativeChat for The Starting Zone podcast's recurring series entitled #WhyIWoW. This was the week of David Bowie's death as well as the week Diablo Season 5 launched---you'll here a couple of dated references to both events.

We covered a variety of topics, including how I first got into WoW, the aspects of the game that appeal most to me, and why I've stayed with the game consistently for the past ten years. We also chat about my irrational fear of Chris Metzen. Additionally, contrary to what this interview may lead you to believe, I do know that heirlooms =\= artifacts.

If you aren't familiar with Alternative Chat and her work, start here. She is an absolutely wonderful woman who is extremely prolific and insightful, both in her writings about World of Warcraft and in general. Visit The Starting Zone's website to hear additional episodes, including more player-centric #WhyIWoW segments. The Starting Zone podcast is a joint effort, and you can find the other host/producer, Mick Montgomery, on Twitter.

Thanks for listening!

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