Monday, March 2, 2015

How Much Gold Would You Drop on a Month of Game Time?

Buy game time and sell it for gold: The WoW Token is here! (img: Blizzard)
Well, World of Warcraft still shows no signs of abandoning the subscription-based model, but players will soon have another option to fund their game time: gold. Now that that cat's out of the bag, I can't help but ask the question I'm sure a million people are asking, or thinking about: how much is a month's game time worth in gold?

I can only imagine the answers will vary widely from player to player. Auctioneering experts (of which I've never claimed to be, just a dabbler) may be willing to part with a larger sum than say, someone whose reserves fill casually through PvE content. An interesting bit in all this is that prices will be set by Blizzard---not the player---based on a number of factors.

Currently, I'm sitting on about 230k in liquid gold across my account, a number I've pretty much been hovering at since the start of the expansion. My expenses, even when I splurge, have been offset by intake so far. I also have an untold number of material assets that can be converted to gold. Given this, I would gladly drop 20,000g for a month's game time. At 50,000g? I'd think about it. 100,000g? Perhaps if my reserves were two or three times what they are now. Perhaps.

Since Blizzard will be controlling the price and its fluctuation, what amount would be attractive enough to you?


  1. Personally I am fine with finding the RL pennies for the sub but never getting past 50k in game gold so I'll be sticking to my sub, however I do think its a good idea for people who have more time on their hands. Should boost the population overall

  2. I think that somewhere in the 15-20K range would be reasonable. This would be slightly less than gold selling sites (assuming $20), for the extra security.