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Completionist Leanings: The Crumble Bundle

Completionist Leanings is a series for the completionist in all of us. Tips, tricks and guides to help you get things done.

If you've spent any time at all questing around the Isle of Thunder, you're no doubt familiar with The Crumbled Chamberlain quest line. You'll be minding your business, knocking out objectives when you'll notice a bright yellow exclamation point on your minimap in a place you don't remember there being one before. "How exciting!" you'll think to yourself. During your approach you realize the exclamation point floats over a stone head. It's that guy again.

You accept, and then the statue berates you until you've traversed the entire island seeking the remaining four parts you need to put the statue back together. A bit annoying, but simple enough. However, throwing The Crumble Bundle into the mix makes things exciting. With a little bit of work, this achievement is pretty easy to nab.

The Crumble Bundle

Length to complete: approximately 1/2 hour
Helpful addon: TomTom, or any addon that allows you to mark or place pins on the world map
Notes: Counts towards the Stormbreaker achievement, which awards a title.

Scout it out

Really, the only way to complete this, other than through luck, is by identifying the locations of each of Chamberlain's parts before even concerning yourself with the quest's completion. However, in order to be able to see the items, you must accept the quest. The start point of this quest can spawn in four locations, one in each of the major quest objective areas in the zone: Za'Tual, Court of Bones, Ihgaluk Crag and Conqueror's Terrace (courtyard of the Thunder King's fortress with all the Zandalari). For players who are using TomTom, you can create a macro with the following text, and TomTom will mark the possible quest start points and create waypoints to their locations:
/way 39.11, 56.01 Chamberlain Quest Start - (Next to Tomb)
/way 40.66, 71.43 Chamberlain Quest Start - (by tall conrete post)
/way 50.18, 85.91 Chamberlain Quest Start - (On Slope)
/way 57.45, 46.13 Chamberlain Quest Start - (Behind Tent)

img: wowhead
Once you've started the quest, your next job is to locate the other parts. You are not going to be completing the quest at this point, so don't bother with picking up any of the items. Instead, when you find one, place a marker on your map so you can find it easily later.

If you'd like, there are also TomTom coordinates on the Wowhead page I linked for all of the quest items, but I found using them to be a bit tedious, as the map at right does just fine. It shows possible spawn locations of the items you'll need---as you can see, there are quite a few, which is why we circle the map once to mark their locations, versus pick them all up blindly in one fell swoop. 

Rinse and repeat

Once you've circled the isle and marked the location of the fourth and final piece you'll need, go into your log, highlight The Crumbled Chamberlain quest, and click "Abandon." Trust me. Now that you have all of the locations of the quest items marked, you can go to any of the quest's start points, grab the quest again, and then race around the island to your marked points.

Tip: Keep in mind the quest needs to be turned in within 10 minutes after accepting it to earn the achievement. The turn-in is located in a cave underneath the northern side of the Court of Bones, accessible via the western shoreline. You may want to plan your route so that you pick up the quest item in the Court of Bones last. 

Good luck!

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