Monday, September 29, 2014

MoP Bucket List

We've had a rather drawn-out end to this expansion, haven't we? Siege of Orgrimmar recently celebrated the anniversary of its addition to the game, which means many of us exhausted progression content months ago. I might be in the minority here, but I don't mind these content lulls late in the expansion. It allows plenty of time for circling back to complete objectives I might've missed, level alts, even visit previous expansions for items and achievements of interest.

I have the Warbringer mounts, the mounts from the Primal Egg, my Challenge Mode armor and mount, I collected 9,999 bones, got the Siege of Orgrimmar achievement mount. I've maxed rep with all but two Pandaria factions (see below). I was there, man, I was there. And I have the cloak(s) to prove it.

Still, there's always a point during these lulls where I stop and ask myself, "What else could I do?" What follows are areas I'm working on and hope to complete before Warlords of Draenor releases.

Brawler's Guild

I knocked out as much of the Brawler's Guild challenges early on in the expansion, and just recently circled back to work on some of the additional challenges that were added in patch 5.3. I'm missing an item needed to complete Collect Your Deck, the one players have a chance to find when harvesting vegetables on their farm. Once that materializes, I'll focus on the final achievement, Deck Your Collection

Legendary Cloak

I'd gone back and forth as to whether I'd go for a fifth cloak with my warlock. After earning green fire, and thanks to the news that the Black Prince buff would be active til Warlords, I've decided to give it a go. I'm currently stuck on the PvP part of the chain; Silvershard Mines was rather painless, but Kotmogu won't be so easily won. It was amusing to see how many of the battleground participants were there just to progress on the chain.

Celestial Tournament

Tucking this confession here so I hope it will be missed: I beat the Celestial Tournament last week for the first time. And I call myself a pet battler. Truth is, I'm impatient. I had 40+ pets at max level when the Celestial Tournament dropped. Of course I'd be able to handle it, I thought incorrectly. I'd engage, lose horribly, start to level a suggested pet and then get bored. That said, it amazing how easy the tournament becomes once you follow a tried-and-true guide. There's not enough time left in MoP to earn the right to purchase all of the Celestial pets, but I'd like to acquire as many as possible before the Warlords release.

Level 90 Alliance

I have an Alliance shaman sitting out there on my main server, level 84 if I remember correctly. I've been slowly leveling her up throughout MoP solely because I've heard the Alliance story in Warlords is not one to be missed. The final installment of the Lords of War miniseries only strengthened this desire. I'm anticipating the stories on both sides of the aisle to be full of emotion and strife.

Emperor Shaohao

I'm barely into Revered, and that's because I have a slight aversion to world PvP. In all likelihood I'll chip away at this as much as I can stand, then circle back at level 100, which should trivialize much of the experience, and hopefully make it less painful as well.


I got into archaeology pretty heavily when it was released, and then lost interest in MoP for the most part. That I found myself scurrying from digsite to digsite last weekend signals to me that I'm ready for new content. Don't get me wrong, I'm a collector and a completionist, but archaeology is pretty low on that list, given I have most of the "cool" items. I'd like to ensure I have all of the rare items from Pandaria, but really this isn't a high priority, and one of the three items from the Bucket List that I won't push for too hard.

Nat Pagle

I find Nat Pagle's grind to be much, much worse than any we've seen in Pandaria. For a while, I was fishing to kill three birds: Nat's grind, the item you can fish up for the Brawler's guild, which I acquired last week, and the ever-elusive Sea Turtle. But I've been after the latter since Wrath of the Lich King, so I'm not holding my breath. I'm simply hoping to make a dent in Nat's reputation, because once I hit Draenor and he lands in my Garrison, it'll be quite some time before I make the trek back to Pandaria.

What's on your MoP Bucket List?

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