Thursday, August 21, 2014

Things to do Before Warlords of Draenor

With a couple of months left before the Warlords of Draenor release, many people might be running out of things to do in game. This post was inspired by Mr. and Mrs. WoW's blog post asking for players' three favorite things about WoW, or things you like to do in-game, especially as it relates to the down time we have before Warlords of Draenor releases. Here are some activities to consider if you're still enjoying the game full force, but would like something different to do.

Warbringer Farming

There are five Zandalari Warbringer spawn points located throughout Pandaria, and the mobs themselves tend to respawn anywhere between 30 and 50 minutes after they've been killed. Many classes can handle the warbringers with relative ease, and nearly any damage-dealing class in Normal+ SoO gear should be able to solo them. They drop rep tokens (which can be useful for alts), two kinds of bags with supplies to use or sell, and in rare instances, one of three mounts: Jade, Amber, and Slate Primordial Direhorns.

If I'm in a group I'll generally head to the spawn point in Kun Lai while my partner heads to Jade Forest, with them looping back if the mob is up in Kun Lai. Then, hearth to the Shrine and strike out again, one to Townlong and one to Dread Wastes. Finish up in Krasarang and repeat the loop, if you are so inclined. If you pay attention to spawn times and there's not much competition out there, it's possible to travel from kill to kill to kill with little time spent waiting for respawns.

Riches of Pandaria & Glorious!

Both of these achievements have you seeking out things. Tucked-away artifacts to find for the former, NPCs to kill for the latter. If you're max level you shouldn't encounter too many issues with the mobs for Glorious. Riches simply takes a bit of time; the nice thing is you'll get a hefty chunk of gold throughout the course of completing these, plus the chance at rare and vanity items from some of the mobs.

Given that we're at the tail end of this expansion, competition for mobs and treasures should be at an all-time low. Some addons you might want to check out to make this even easier: NPCScan, Finders & Riches, TomTom.

Isle of Giants

This can be rough as a solo player unless you're decently geared. Best bet is to find a friend or two who's also interested in farming 9,999 dinosaur bones and make the rounds til you get bored. I've been working on this slowly since the Isle went live, oftentimes chunking my gathering sessions into 500-bone blocks. Generally in the course of each farming session I'll loot a few battle pets and a Primal Egg, which will hatch into one of  three mounts (Black, Red, or Green Primal Raptor) three days later.

WoW Insider Did You Miss

I missed two of the three objectives listed by WoW Insider so far in their...writeups...series...thing... Whatever it is. This week I'll bust out the crate of rodents for the raid team so they can grab the Sumprush Rodent, as it's a pet many people haven't acquired because of the logistics involved in earning it. I also nabbed the Lobstmourne fist weapon. Because transmog. That one was a lot of fun and made me wish I'd discovered it organically while questing in Pandaria like I had with Old Man Thistle's Lost Treasure.

Farm a Legendary

There may still be enough time to earn a legendary from one of the previous expansions if RNG works in your favor. Here's a list of all the pre-Pandaria legendaries in the game. Please excuse the presence of the Tempest Keep legendary weapons---I couldn't figure out how to filter them out. The easier items don't involve longer quest chains: Thunderfury is relatively simple once you're lucky enough to have both bindings drop, and both Thori'dal and the Warglaives are rare drops from Burning Crusade raid bosses, and can be farmed weekly.

Try Something New

Maybe there's an aspect of the game you haven't delved into. Perhaps that's a conscious decision! For me, it's PvP. I just don't get into it very often. Personal preference, that's all. What about pet battles? Easy to get into, but difficult to become an expert. Maybe you've never filled out a character history sheet for your main. If you're looking for something to do before Warlords, there's really no better time to try something new.

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