Monday, March 24, 2014

WoW Weekly: Your remaining MoP goals

WoW Weekly is a biweekly-ish, self-absorbed look into the things I've been doing -- or not doing -- in the game. From auctioneering and pet battling to mount farming and raiding.

I beat Mists of Pandaria a couple of weeks ago. For reals.

The nice thing about the vastness of MMOs is that you can sort of play them how you want to play them, and set up goals for yourself that don't necessarily align with the arc of the expansion. Before Mists of Pandaria dropped oh-so long ago, I had two simple goals for myself: defeat Garrosh (Flex counts) and complete all of the achievements found under the Quests>Mists of Pandaria tab. Not hugely taxing, but fun while requiring a certain level of dedication. The former was accomplished before Christmas '13, the latter made a bit more difficult on account of a few bugged-out achievements, including the last one I wrapped up.

"That's it, I'm done. See ya guys," was the veiled, empty threat I sent to guild chat. Admittedly, I had begun to burn out on this expansion's content well before that day, but really, the final achievement was the one artificial loose end I'd left out there, so it was satisfying to finally complete it. Still, once that was done, it marked the final item on my self-prescribed To-Do list. Are there other nice-to-have-objectives on the list? Indeed, but they aren't calling to me, and I've been logging in only when feeling compelled or for guild events.

Some of the nice-to-have's:

  • Molten Core runs for the other half of the Bindings. Either my DK or my rogue deserves Thunderfury, and it's up to RNG to decide which character gets it. 
  • Ice Crown Citadel runs for Shadowfrost Shards. Averaging seven per week, I have 36 more to go. 
  • Dragon Soul for clusters, as the rogue has recently embarked on that chain. 
  • Legendary Cloak for my DK; I'm on the final collection leg and it's not the low drop-rates that frustrate me; it's LFR, the quality of which has seemingly worsened as of late.
  • Boosted 90 selection: haven't yet pre-ordered, partly because I know there's going to be pllllllenty of time before we'll need to be concerned about actually playing WoD, and partly because I simply don't need another 90 right now. That said, I'm leaning towards boosting my 82 Alliance shaman, as I'm most definitely going to be experiencing the story from both perspective in Warlords.

How do you spend your time during the pre-expansion lull? Do you have any outlying goals for this expansion? If not, will you assign yourself something new to achieve? 


  1. After a long break from WoW running from mid-Cata to mid-MoP, I had a lot to catch up on. And, in the end, I set for myself two goals: (1) get my legendary cloak and (2) "beat the game". I accomplished both of those things and, quite frankly, I have no real desire to log on much. I jump on periodically to do a drunk raid night with my guildies in Convert to Raid, but other than that, there's nothing worth logging on for (especially with all the other games and stuff out there).

    Once they release the pre-WoD patch I'll pop on, play through the new content (whatever story thing is going on), then resume my casual pop on/off until WoD comes out. As I hardcore raided from Vanilla through Wrath, I kind of wanted to do some heroic raiding in MoP and Mythic in WoD, but I think I've moved beyond that kind of gaming-style. Ah well.

  2. I've just hit 1million gold for the second time (spent all of my first million last October on pets). But a combination of end game gear gathering and the boosted 90s i've made 300k in one month - my best ever - so I'm aiming to go into WoD with 2mill cash to splurge on what ever new vanity items come out :)

    1. Not gonna lie---a bit jealous! Perhaps I'll get back into the goldmaking game before this expac's end. Coffers are a bit light.

  3. I just stopped raiding in game; we were still 3 bosses away from heroic garrosh and I just don't think I could face the grind that was still ahead, partly because I've seen enough of the inside of SoO for a while and partly because my list of things I still want to do in the game before the next expac hits probably exceeds the amount of time left.
    Maybe I'm one of the few people who feels 6 months is not long enough lol. While I like the idea of seeing a new world, I would like to work on finishing as many MoP achievements as possible before I move out of it, levelling the vast majority of my pets to 25 which means I'd finally have enough pets of the right sort to try out the tournament, eventually level my new hunter to 60 so she can be boosted and then collect as many hunter pets on her, go get the insane title, level my dk and start her on the shadowmourne quest.
    My list of things to do is endless and the more down time I have in the game away from raiding, the more things I seem to find to add to the list :)

    1. That's quite a list! I'm sure at some point I'll get a second wind for this expansion. Still enjoying our raids, still enjoy playing with friends.