Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spending the Gold Cap #10: Spent

I may or may not have purchased the Magic Rooster you see pictured here. And the spectral kitty. 
What else to do once you hit gold cap, other than spend your fortune? In the Spending the Gold Cap series, I account for the money I earned as I spend it on Unclaimed Black Market Containers, and the occasional pet or mount from the auction house. There will be tears.

The title says it all, folks.

While I began this journey primarily by snatching as many Unclaimed Containers as I possibly could, my server's merger coupled with the fact that I rarely found anything of value in the containers caused me to shift my behavior and be a bit more direct with my purchases. You know, focusing on things like rare mounts and pets from the legit auction house.

As it stands, I don't see any reason to list a final accounting. After all, the ledger essentially reads 0g0s0c, and that's all that matters. Just know that the remaining sum was spent on more rare pets and the remaining few mounts my stable needed to meet the requirements for the Mount Parade achievement. Strangely, it took me a lot longer to spend the gold cap than it did for me to earn it, which may or may not be surprising given my methods. Still, if this whole exercise has taught me anything, it's that anyone can hit the gold cap. I was more of a casual gold-maker, accumulating my fortune over the course of a year. There are more serious goldmakers out there who earn much, much faster than I did. Really though, the common denominator between anyone who's ever hit gold cap is simple: dedication.

I first got into goldmaking from the desire to have more capital than I could spend. I wanted all of the gold sink mounts as soon as they became available. So I made sure I was in a position to never have to struggle over those decisions. I'm really not one for tips, tricks or guides when it comes to goldmaking. There are others out there who do a great job at this. Find a handful of these folks I've leaned on over the years below, and I ask forgiveness in advance as I'm sure I've forgotten some important ones:

Phat Lewts
Power Word: Gold
Drunken Mogul
Auction House Addict
Selltacular (Copper to Gold)

I encourage you to visit their websites and look at their links and blogrolls where many more goldmaking resources await you.

Now that the gold cap has been both earned and spent, I'm not sure where I'll end up in terms of auctioneering. Granted, I have several hundred auctions posted as I write this, but I don't have any intentions of chasing the gold cap again.

For now.                


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