Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WoW Weekly: RPing the night away

WoW Weekly is a biweekly-ish, self-absorbed look into the things I've been doing -- or not doing -- in the game. From auctioneering and pet battling to mount farming and raiding.

So a funny thing happened over the weekend.

There I was minding my own business, messing around with the shell of an old guild website I'm transitioning to be used by my current guild. Not only did the officers see the value on having an a place outside of the game to hold discussions, but another small yet important group in our guild saw great potential: our roleplayers.

Though there's really only a handful of active roleplayers in the guild, there wasn't any reason to deny them their own space. The Co-GM created a special forum for RP and posted a couple of stories. Then he did something that pulled in quite a few others in: posted a basic character survey sheet and invited anyone to fill one out on their character.

So I said, "why not," figuring it'd be a quick, perhaps trivial, fun exercise. Two and a half hours later, I had the backstory/history for my main character fleshed out. I was quite struck by how much I knew about my toon, and how little I knew about him up to that point. I'm not sure how extensively I'll engage in roleplay, but I must say it's pretty awesome knowing where Eleph comes from, who his parents and siblings are, and where his deepest motivations originate. If you're like me and hadn't dabbled in RP, I highly encourage you to fill out a character survey. You might be surprised by what you learn.

Flex to Normal

The guild has decided to embark on Normal runs every other week during the time we'd usually run Flex, since that's the time that we've worked out to be best for our raiders. We'll be trying to schedule an off-night flex for the raiders who get left behind, though we're going to do our damndest to rotate people in based on gear needs for Normal fights. With a relatively easy & clean Garrosh kill this past week, we're pretty confident to have him on farm, which will allow us to pop in for heirlooms in between our Normal runs. 

Guild Business

Been spending some time cleaning up an Enjin site to be used for our guild. So far, most of the activity happens in the Officer and RP forums, and that's perfect---being a casual guild, we don't see our website being a major tool at this point in time. Just something optional for our guildies to have. 

Legendary Chains

Going against what I've said in the past, I may have started to casually lead another toon through the legendary quest chain. Having just completed a major leg, I have now set upon collecting Secrets of the Empire. In true form, not one dropped after killing six bosses in the Throne of Thunder last night. In addition to the current legendary, I now have a toon on the Shadowmourne chain and a rogue on the Fangs of the Father chain. I don't expect to acquire either any time soon, but it's something to work towards in slow times.

What about you? What are you doing to avoid slow times as the expansion winds down?

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