Monday, November 4, 2013

Feckless Leader and the #3WImigos (Blizzcon Plans)


You may know that I'm heading to Blizzcon this year with two local friends. In our preparations for the con, we realized we could fork over a bit more cash per person to secure a hotel room that would comfortably accommodate the three of us. It was important to be close to the convention center, so we knew right off we'd be paying a bit more. Then, after a bit of research, we realized if we split the cost of a house, it'd actually be a bit cheaper. So that's what we did, and we now have a place to land we're affectionately calling #theDeuce (it was our second choice out of house options).

One of our guys is bringing an incredible selection of Midwestern brews. I'll be bringing some organic, free-trade coffee. Hey -- my beer-bringing buddy's got the budget, while I'm in between job opportunities. Though I paid for Blizzcon before being laid off, I don't have much cash to play with this year. So I'm doing what I can. That said, we'll be taking in the full experience of the con, as well as the parties. If anyone reading this would like to meet up, or perhaps stop by #theDeuce for some mid-morning mimosas and perhaps a slice of bacon or two, hit me up on Twitter, or follow us by using #3WImigos -- who'da thunk #theDeuce would be such a common hashtag.

That said, here's what we're going to be doing, inside of and outside of the actual con.


We're flying. Though we live in different parts of the state, we've coordinated to leave from the same airport on the same flight. We'll likely arrive at #theDeuce around 11:30pm local. That leaves plenty of time to do whatever we'd like, though we'll probably just hang there and sip from the suitcase of beer instead of hitting up the nearby bars -- unless someone can tip us off to some goings-on at that time of night. 


Morning: We plan to hit a grocery store and pick up fixings for breakfast. There will be bacon. Then it's back to #theDeuce for some food and mimosas/bloodies. 

Afternoon: This is pretty much our only truly free time; we've nothing solidly planned. I'd like to make it to In-N-Out at some point, and perhaps walk around downtown Disney.

Evening: Waiting in the badge line. In 2011, I went for my badge on Friday morning. Not this year. Assuming we can accomplish this task in a reasonable amount of time, we'll be heading to the WoWhead/WoWInsider party, and will likely stop at the World of Podcasts event later in the evening. Afterwards, we'll either be looking for a location to have some beers or we'll head back to our place for some more out of the suitcase.


Day: Con. Lots of it. We'll be at the Opening Ceremony, naturally. Following that, we may take some time to cruise the booths prior to the World of Wacraft: What's Next presentation. Otherwise, I'm most interested in attending the other Warcraft-related presentations in addition to Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. I'm fine with catching up on Diablo III after the con. Same with Starcraft.

Night: The evening's not quite yet been planned out. There are the contests, of course, but given that I'll be receiving a virtual ticket this year, I'm considering asking the other #3WImigos if they wouldn't mind skipping out early (or altogether). That way we'll have plenty of time to enjoy dinner and drinks at the Haven Gastropub while still leaving time to get to the Convert to Raid party. That event ends at midnight, and I anticipate we'll be looking for something to do when that ends. Hilton bar, anyone?


Day: More con. Definitely going to get to the panel stage early to snag a seat for Critical Hit's performance --- much more excited about seeing them than this year's closing act. All the things we really want to know about what's happen with Blizzard games will be revealed on Friday, so our Saturday schedule will be lax. We're not at all concerned about seeing Blink 182 -- I'm anticipating that the L90ETC (L100?) will be opening up the Closing Ceremony, but seeing them once in 2011 (and occasionally at the Darkmoon Faire) feels like it's enough. 

Night: I'm not sure what's actually happening on Saturday night. In 2011, there was rumored to be a large "official" party on the pool deck of the Hilton. As we were staying there, I can assure you that party never happened, as security was so tight I had to show them I.D. just to get on my floor. However, the party did seem to take place instead in the Hilton lobby (I was able to meet Metzen, Morhaime and several other Blizzard employees), so perhaps that's what's going to happen this year. However, near the end of the night, security was requiring a room key to even enter the hotel. 

The planners of the previous years' "official" parties have stated they won't be dealing with the Hilton because of what happened (and rightly so), but it doesn't sound like they're planning anything instead -- just a small gathering. At the same time, I've seen a Blizzard employees mention the Hilton on Twitter when talking about partying at the con. 

So who knows. Either way, if you're looking for a crew to hang with for a bit, or if you'd like to meet up, get at me!

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  1. It sounds like you are going to have a great time :)