Friday, November 8, 2013

Upright and Walking

Well, the 3WImigos made it through day one---almost. Well, the convention itself anyway. The contests will be starting up shortly, but we may opt to watch those sometime next week and head to In-N-Out for some eats.

We were present for the Opening Ceremony as well as the "What's Next" panel on Warcraft. Following that, we pretty much bummed around the convention center until our legs and feet started screaming STOP, so now two of the 3WImigos are taking a break at the Deuce (our rented house), which I figured I'd use to post something.

Right now, I feel like there's no more room in my brain for information on what's ahead. I've been failing at the 6-2-1 rule. Compared to 2011, it's been much more difficult to adhere to a set schedule---there are too many friggin' wonderful people in the community I was excited to meet. Not to mention the other random awesome people you naturally run into. The three of us were sitting around last night, remarking how great of a time we were having, yet the con hadn't even started.

Seriously. We met up with some good folks right after we rolled into Anaheim on Wednesday night, and were I required to leave the next morning (for whatever reason), I was feeling weirdly content. Luckily, I'm here the whole weekend. There are still a handful of Twitterfolk that I'm super excited to meet up with.

Additionally, had I left Thursday morning, I wouldn't have been able to chat with Mike Morhaime, Mr. Zarhym and Greg Street about the community---concerns anyone who's read the LFR or the Be Part of the Solution posts is aware of.

I felt heard.

Anyway, this is about all my brain can take right now, and I think it's only 5pm. I think.

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