Thursday, October 31, 2013

Feckless Leader's 9 Blizzcon Predictions

I've been meaning to put this out there because predictions are fun and mostly wrong, and I thought to myself wouldn't it be great to revisit these predictions after Blizzcon to demonstrate how wrong I was. Yes. I think it would be great. Plus it'll serve as an awesome transition into talking about the things we actually did learn at Blizzcon this year. These are Warcraft-centric, and I'm not going to elaborate too much on the reasoning behind them. I promise I didn't just snatch these out of thin air so I'd have something to write about. I really see these as possibilities.

So here I go. Nine predictions for Blizzcon 2013. In no particular order.

We'll be getting a new expansion. Ok, so there is a particular order. I put a few of the more likely ones at the start of the list so the follow-up article might seem more favorable in terms of my right/wrong ratio.

Level-scaling will become a thing. At this point, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion the game will see level-scaling. The question is when, and of course with the interesting video leaked a couple of weeks ago, I'm betting that time is now.

Reforging (and possibly hit/expertise) will be removed from the game. Reforging hasn't quite worked out the way Blizzard intended, with players often having to consult an addon or 3rd-party website to determine whether they are "100% optimized," spending one hundred gold or more each time they acquire a new piece.

We'll be introduced to a new race. It will also function like the Pandaren, where they start out neutral and at a certain point choose to join either the Alliance or the Horde.

Gathering skills will become secondary professions. This will allow players to make more meaningful choices when it comes to their two primary professions.

We won't get much information on the new Warcraft movie. The panel will be fun and informative, but we won't learn too much more about what we want to know about, like characters and plot, though we may see some of this week's rumored actors being confirmed.

The Closing Ceremony will feature a full-on orchestra playing music from the Blizzard franchises. Not technically about Warcraft, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

We'll get to be blown away by new character models. This will include the choice of sub-races. Think Fel Orc, and Broken.

We'll see transmog options in WoW similar to what's been previewed for the Diablo 3 expansion. With the feature slated for release in Diablo 3, it makes sense for them to allow the same flexibilities with the WoW transmog system.

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