Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chasing the Gold Cap Revisited: I'm there

There are no dings. No error messages or game crashes. No achievements, bells, whistles, or fireworks. Anyone who's gold-capped a toon knows how it all goes down, without pomp and fanfare. Suddenly, the game won't let you retrieve any more gold from your mailbox. You click, but nothing happens---so I had to do some maneuvering to get the screenshot above showing my banker, Martinfury, holding exactly 999,999g99s99c. That, my friends, seems to be the per-character gold cap.

Truth is, I've had well over a million gold for quite some time now. So while I could've fudged and said that I'd hit my goal almost on time---the end of April---I felt it necessary to stick to my original plan: gold capped on my banker, not an accumulation of all the gold on my account regardless of faction or server. Had I counted the summation of my wealth, I'd have been capped more than a month ago. Sometimes I think I can be too much of a purist.

So that's that. No parting words of wisdom. My methods could be described in but a word: dedication. Just stay at it, and you'll get there (but seriously, if you have questions I'll be happy to attempt answers). When I get stumped, I'll often check out the heavy hitters: Elvine, Cold's Gold Factory, WoW Profitz, Power Word: Gold, Auction House Addict, Copper to Gold, among others.

Now. Enough camping the AH. It's time to camp the BMAH!

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