Saturday, January 5, 2013

I can haz lootz : a WoW pet exchange

The holiday season and the days following have been rather kind to me. Got to see much of the extended family over the Christmas break, most of whom are happy and healthy. I find the older I get, the harder time I have telling my family just what it is I want or need. I'm fairly terrible at it, actually, which is why I come up with ideas like this, undeniably met with replies asking, "You really want one of those?"

Thankfully, my family has the foresight not to give in to my impulses, so the gifts I received this year were very proper, and more importantly, useful. However, there is one thing I was hoping for this Christmas season I didn't get: Lumpy. That is, until yesterday. I recently lamented in a comment on WoW Insider that though I'd been trying regularly to nab Lumpy, 2012 just wasn't my Winter Veil. Then, a friendly reader offered to give me one of their extras.

My initial reaction was, "Wait...what? How?" but then I remembered since pets are account wide, they'd simply have to roll a toon on my server, of the same faction, cage the pet, then run to the nearest mailbox.

That made me wonder: is there a place out there where pet collectors can exchange or even give away extra pets others may want? I have duplicates of a few difficult-to-obtain pets and would be happy to give them away, or exchange them for one I don't currently hold.

I've reached out to Warcraft Pets to see if they have any thoughts...since my code knowledge is limited to the most basic of HTML, I won't be able to set anything up on my own. I'm also thinking about a way to use Twitter to facilitate the exchanges. Just in case, I'm holding onto @WoWPetsWanted @WoWPetExchange.

What do you think?

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