Monday, April 29, 2013

WoW Weekly: Without Pomp and Fanfare

WoW Weekly is a biweekly-ish, self-absorbed look into the things I've been doing -- or not doing -- in the game. From auctioneering and pet battling to mount farming and raiding.

That drake look familiar to you?

I've been riding atop it for the last week after it appeared in my bags -- rather unceremoniously I might add -- after right-clicking a dead Onyxia. I say unceremoniously because of how BoP loot works when you're the only person in-group: a recent patch made it so that when soloing old content, you no longer need to confirm you actually want to loot those purples before picking them up. They simply go into your bags as if they were common loot.

It made the whole event ranter anticlimactic. Guess I'm done here, I thought to myself. Part of me wishes there was at least an achievement for looting some of the harder-to-obtain mounts, like Ashes of A'lar, which coincidentally is still on the weekly farm list.

Other than that, loads of butt (buttloads for brevity's sake) has happened since the last time I did one of these WoW Weekly posts. In no order:

The Main and most of our guildies switched servers and factions in order to join a larger, more organized guild. I went from orc shaman to pandaren shaman. Getting acclimated to the Alliance has been easy at times, and not-so-easy at others. The most frustrating part is not immediately knowing the best way to travel from point A to point B, something I've definitely taken for granted after seven years of mostly Horde play.

• I spoke up to a group of friends while in HoF about why I feel bugging out the Garalon fight is wrong (which I wrote about), and immediately felt bad for bringing it up. Then, I was pleasantly surprised when they backed me up and chose to engage the fight as it was designed---even though it took us more than a half-dozen tries to get the kill.

• A last-ditch effort to hit the gold cap this weekend failed miserably. To keep it short, I advertised my entire inventory in trade for a price I thought was fair. I received one serious inquiry from a player, and gave them a breakdown of the items I had. They asked for screenshots, and after complying they laughed and laughed and claimed what I had was worth less than half of what I was asking. While I disagreed, the bottom line is that no sale took place. Which means I'll be hitting the gold cap, albeit casually, sometime over the next few weeks sans the fanfare I was hoping for.

• As far as current content goes, I'm not doing much. Can't bring myself to do anymore Isle dailies or farm bones. Additionally, the Throne of Thunder LFRs have proven to be some of the most tedious and painstaking content I've experienced in this game. I can't put my finger on the whole of the reason, but it's partly because I haven't been able to run with friends these last few weeks, which means I have to sit through a 45 minute queue to spend another 45 minutes to an hour in the instance. Haven't been graced with time or patience as of late.

What I can say is that this content strikes me differently than Dragon Soul LFRs. I actually liked them, and looked forward to running at least one character through each week. I've had no such desire in MoP, not just with ToT, but with all LFR raid content. 

What about you? Do you feel that MoP raids have translated well into LFR versions? And how would you say this compares to your experience with Dragon Soul?


  1. My experience in Dragon Soul is nonexistent so I can't speak to that. My experience in this particular, last leg of LFR though, is not good. It's a whole lot of grumpiness and griping and sweet jesus the trolling. I haven't queued into a full clear of the last bit yet, and judging by the number of people who intentionally pull Lei Shen early in order to bait a kick vote and avoid the queue cooldown, I'm not alone.

    By contrast, even in the first weeks, the previous 3 legs were all generally a jovial atmosphere, laughing about failbuffs, yay we finally made it through, etc even with Durumu's maze and all that. This leg is just crabby drudgery all around. Maybe I just got lucky with the previous. If you want to battletag queue with me now that you're Alliance, LMK. I'm pretty mediocre but at least as a healer I have a fast queue.

  2. THAT is swell of you. Will definitely take you up on it. I've only completed the 3rd ToT LFR once, and the most recent I haven't yet queued for.

  3. Wooo!! You've joined the light-side :D

  4. No comment about the faction switching :p but wow I wish I had the dedication to gold cap.
    I do enjoy reading these recaps! And now off to explore your blog further!

    1. :) Thanks for the comment. If you're into pet battling, make sure to check the guides I have linked in the main navigation; those are by far the most popular areas on this blog.

  5. There actually is a Feat of Strength for looting Ashes. Good luck with it :D i stopped farming and just went with the dark phoenix guild mount instead, which i actually prefer.