Monday, September 12, 2016

I Don't Wanna Raid...

...I just wanna quest in the world all day.

That's the sentiment going through my head as I gallivant across the Broken Isles seeking the latest World Quest to offer armor, with the aims of slowly boosting my overall ilvl. I'm at point A and can see point B, no problems there. The issue lies with all the little points in between A and B: the side quests, rare mobs, other world quests.

They call to me. They've called to me since I first stepped foot onto the Broken Isles. And I answered pretty much every single one I ran across. That is, until I hit level 110. Because then, a little switch flipped inside of me, and a new primary goal materialized: keep having fun get ready for raiding.

In order to get ready for raiding, I had to be eligible to earn gear from heroic dungeons. While these can be run with a full group regardless of one's ilvl, a busy real life and sporadic play schedule dictates that I reach the 810 ilvl group finder requirement independently. In order to reach 810 ilvl, I had to do world quests and/or normal dungeons. But in order to do world quests I had to wrap up some Nightfallen questlines.

Suddenly, there was all this stuff I had to do, and for the first time since I've been raiding, I realized that the stuff I had to do put a little bit of a damper on the amount of fun I was having. A part of me wishes I didn't have to worry about raiding for a few weeks so I could fully experience the game in the way that Legion just begs to be experienced: slowly, erratically, a journey personalized by the choices the player makes or doesn't make.

Now granted, this urgency to drop everything and focus on gearing is mostly self-imposed. But as a raid officer for the guild, it's understandably expected that I'm in shape for Raid Night One. But for the first time since I started raiding with friends, the feeling of disappointment over having to rush or bypass content is greater than than excitement I have for the first raid.

Maybe this is partly coming about because I've been afforded much less play time compared to my guild-peers since launch. Is anyone else out there feeling this?

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  1. I'm hearing you :) I didn't rush to 110, but I was there by 2 days after Legion went live (I did all the exploring and all the quests for the full zone quest achievement so I can't say I didn't explore and quest on my way.. but even now I'm finding small quest hubs I didn't find.

    But.. since hitting 110 my entire focus has been on gear.. first normal, then heroic and now mythic dgns which are fun but I'm finding that I'm starting to miss not doing the little things I've not got around to like hunting down all the rares I missed and mostly visiting new tamers and collecting new battlepets.

    This is the first expac launch in a while I've had to work through so I know that the feeling all my attention is going to gear is based solely on not having as much time in wow and.. I know that later down the track there'll be plenty of time to do all the little things, but right now I'd prefer to be off pet battling my heart out than running another mythic.

    It's a choice I make because I do love raiding but if Blizz pushed the start of raids back another 2 weeks, I wouldn't be minding too much at all :)