Thursday, April 11, 2013

Where I request your advice

The Feckless Leader is no more. Kind of.

Last weekend, my GM partner Lisa and I came to the conclusion a new home is in our best interests. We took a step back to survey the landscape: our raid, guildies, and our server, then weighted those against what we personally are looking to get out of the game. Our little 10-man group, and by extension the guild we're in, has always been about holding a weekend daytime raid.

While we were able to experience meaningful progress throughout the Cataclysm expansion, we've only encountered roadblock after roadblock as it pertains to maintaining a healthy raid roster in MoP. Most of these roadblocks originated in places we had no control over, though two defections in the last 30 days most definitely came in response to actions Lisa and I took in an attempt to steady the ship. But that's beside the point.

And we've come to the conclusion, after six months, that it's time to stop fighting. While we most definitely could maintain our leadership positions, continue to recruit on our dying server, and make additional efforts to revive guild activity, we just don't have the will to do so anymore. We both want to raid current content in a set group. That's what we want out of the game. While my personal schedule allows for greater flexibility, Lisa is limited to raiding weekends. I'm honoring her wishes to keep the group together as much as possible while we seek out a new home.

Currently, we've looked at a couple of options, but the most attractive one to date involves being absorbed into a 25-man Alliance guild on Emerald Dream - RP/PvP. Coming from the Horde side on a PvP server, the idea of doing this makes me very, very uneasy. I went Horde back in Vanilla after a brief stint with a human warlock and haven't looked's just that the people in this guild are really, really nice, something Lisa and I were able to discern after about an hour and a half interview with the GM and officer team earlier in the week.

Some points of consideration, then my conundrum:

  • I want to be part of and contribute to a vibrant, friendly and respectful community within the game.
  • I want to raid current content in the context of a guild group like I described above, and during the weekend daytime.
  • I have considered the Main, an enhancement shaman to be my main since the Burning Crusade. I would like this to continue to be the case.
  • I am having a hard time disassociating the Main from his status as an orc shaman. The only Alliance equivalent I've given serious thought to is pandaren, and even then I get all hot and sweaty in not a good way.
  • I have all classes but hunter and monk at 85 or higher (including an 88 Alliance druid), so feasibly could bring one of those instead of the Main. 
  • I'm a gold-maker (quickly approaching 1 million gold) who relies heavily on 3-4 85+ alts to produce goods to sell for a profit. How does this factor in?

What would you do in this situation? I'm trying to think of all/most of the options ahead of me, as nothing's set in stone. I know there's not a right answer here, but all else equal I'm curious to know what others would do.

a) quit the game; too much work for the return

b) bring whatever character the new raid group needs, and designate that as the new main

c) bring as many characters over as I see fit while remaining financially feasible

d) reroll a character on the new server, keeping my current Horde roster in tact

e) remain on the dying server and make due

f) find a good home for me without considering guildies; if it works for them, great. If not, the main thing is taking care of myself

g) (insert your own answer/point out something obvious I've missed)


  1. Bring one character over to the new server/faction and see if you like raiding with the new guild. Load this character up with shammy heirlooms and seed money/stuff to sell.

    I wouldn't take your shaman because you identify him as being an Orc and don't want to change him. This is understandable. I feel the same about my main--she will always be a Draenei.

    If you really like this group after spending time with them, roll a new shaman and level it up until you can switch over and raid with him in your new team. This new shaman will have his own personality and feel and you can learn to like him for who he is.

    Then if it is feasable and you want to, move some more of your alts over--maybe the main gold making ones--when you are able.

    I am doing this with another DK I created on a different server from my main. My original guild is also on a dying server and while it is ok now, sometimes the people in that guild are very downer and I don't like that. The GM sometimes acts like he might just disband the guild one day and quit the game and that isn't a fun or secure feeling. >.>
    Rather than completely leaving these people though--because they are real life friends and family, I found a new place and started over.

    I like my new server and guild very much and it was a good choice for me. My new DK isn't my main, but I like her and she is just as fun to play. I am satisfied with her being my main on the new server.

    Don't stay on the dying server if it feels like you are just making due. That isn't fun and will burn you out fast.

    Likewise don't quit over this unless you are already so burned out and tired that you just need a break. If that is the case, take one! When /if you want to come back you will enjoy it once again after time away.

    I think it is important for you to consider the guild, but you have to put your happiness up there too. If you need to walk away from your current guild, do it. Hand off leadership to someone else and start again.

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate this response.

    2. Further, I like the idea of bringing an alt over first to determine if I like the raid environment. GREAT call on bringing heirlooms and inventory to sell...they're really of no use to me on my current server -- let's face it, I'm probably not going to get around to leveling that hunter any time soon. :P

      I'm feeling like you may be right on the shaman call. Elepheagle has and will always be an orc shaman in my mind, and I think forcing a change there will be weird. Was actually leaning towards rolling a shaman on their server this evening, if only to reserve the name. Kinda leaning towards transferring my 88 Alliance druid after re-reading your comment.

      Not ready to quit. Not close. :)

      Thank you!

    3. I wish I had brought heirlooms to my new server and stuff to sell. I started with no money at all and it was hard. Ditto the no heirlooms. I'm still debating on whether to transfer a character over there loaded up with stuff.

      I figure it would be a much happier transition experience with the extra help.

      Your druid won't feel weird there since it is already Alliance. That would be a good way to test things and see if you can enjoy the blue side.

      I like both sides pretty equally after trying them both out, though I do still tend to roll blue. Because that is where my Draenei and Gnomes are.

      I hope it works out well for you. ^^

  2. The last time I did a server transfer, I did so for the same reason you're looking into this. I started by bringing my main over, then my favorite alt and so on until I had all of my high level toons on the new server. In retrospect I should've brought my JC/Eng over first to take advantage of the epic gem and projectile markets, although I still would have brought my main since I like raiding on him more. I'd pick answer C and add that you should research your markets on the new server so you can figure out which order to transfer your alts. Also, there is a gold limit per toon and I can't remember what it is. Did they ever implement guild transfers? I can't look into that at work but that could also be an option.

    1. That's good advice.

      I think you're right on the gold xfer question...I need to figure out what that is. They DO have guild transfers now, and we've considered it. The thing that's holding us back is that we no longer wish to be in high-impact leadership positions. These last 6 month have left a really bad taste in our mouths.

    2. Hmmm I might just have to write a server transfer guide for the gold maker :) Thanks for the idea!

  3. I have done a lot of realm experimentation, looking for the right mix of what's important to me, and since you've mentioned Emerald Dream, I'll throw my $0.02 in. EmDr has a fairly consistently high population--a plus for finding people to do stuff with--but in my experience, I've had a hard time selling consistently on the AH. There's a good Horde pop. too, which I like since I like world PVP. I can't help you out with what it's like to pug or raid w/ a guild there, because I haven't done a raid in ages (no time), but I will say that what made me stay when I rolled an experimental toon is that I found it to be a much friendlier/nicer realm than your usual realm experience. I have a couple of toons rotting in a couple different guilds, and each of them aren't full of the usual douchebags you often find. I like EmDr, and I wish I was more inclined to play Alliance and hang out there more. Since you like playing the AH, though, I would try to really examine that before committing fully to a transfer there.

    As for Horde, I've been on a lot of different servers, and despite the high level of vocal asshats, I always come back to Illidan. The economy is brisk (I sell a lot of stuff there easily, and I'm no AH tycoon or anything), and when the pop. on other realms start to die off in the middle of expansions, Illidan remains full of people to do stuff with. I've found it's harder to find nicer folks to do stuff with, but they're out there. They're just quieter than the...other kind. There's often a queue in the evenings, and competition for nodes/spawns is super high, but I've been on enough realms that died out that I'd rather deal with the downsides of Illidan than look around Orgrimmar at 11 at night and see 8 other people or something.

    For whatever it's worth! Good luck with finding a happy WoW home!

    1. Thank you for your feedback...I really appreciate it. Everyone's here. Was able to take in account some things I wasn't thinking about, and I've decided how I'm going to start this transition. We're going to go with the guild on EmDr, that's been solidified.

      I'm going to transfer my Alliance druid there, as well as roll a brand new shaman. Going to load the druid up with heirlooms, since I really won't need them on Bonechewer any longer.

      Again, really appreciate you taking the time to give me your perspective.

      Have a great day!

    2. If you actually do wind up on Emerald Dream, I've got an 84 druid looking for a guild... XD

    3. :D You look into the guild at all Emma?