Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chasing the Gold Cap Update #7: Two Week Notice

Well. A lot of things have happened since last post. Good things, and some terrible, terrible things. The kinds of things that make you not want to write. Or even get up in the morning. But we keep going. We've heard, and will continue to hear enough about the terrible things. So I'm going to talk about the good things as they relate to the subject of this blog.

Our raid group has essentially dissolved on Bonechewer. While some aspects are bittersweet, our core has moved server to be with a more organized and active guild. Overall, this has proved to be a very good thing. While the guild is still wrapping up their recruitment, it's become clear to me that this was the right decision to make. The guildies who've come along -- which has turned out to be 95% of them -- echo this sentiment.

For better or worse, the move has really put a dent in my resolve to hit the gold cap by the end of the month, especially while dealing with the unwitting market-crasher I mentioned in the last posts. I feel like I've given my two-week notice to Bonechewer and my list of characters remaining there: the Alt, the Enforcer, the Banker. Ones I have not yet named -- that's right: the Main is now an Alliance pandaren shaman. You won't find him on Bonechewer, but that deserves its own post. For all purposes, I've mentally checked out.

Gold amount at last update: 848,556g
Auctioning activity between then and now: quasi-moderate
Current gold amount: 830,972g
+/- Change: -17,854g

The nice chunk of cash known as the gold cap? Seems I couldn't wait, and after loading the Main up with sellables, the Banker sent him enough coin to reach the transfer cap of 50,000g -- which, of course, set me back a bit. Which also doesn't help when you're already behind. So! This likely ain't happenin'. Not by the end of the month. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to try. Given my current situation, the logical choice is...........HAVE A SALE!

I methodically went through every character I have on Bonechewer and posted every sellable likely to sell. I think at peak I had over 1,500 live auctions. I've sold quite a bit since then and have recouped more than 20,000g of the 50,000g I sent along with the Main. Though I'm not set to recover all of my costs, every bit helps. Though the gold cap is longer be attainable by the end of the month unless I get cute, I'm not going to stop auctioning.

Cause papa don't need more cute. Papa needs new shoes.

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