Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cooldowns on flying mounts: Ghostcrawler weighs in, Bashiok sighs

Flight was introduced into the game with the Burning Crusade's release in January of 2007. It's amazing to think we've been flying around Azeroth for six years now. Curiously, the topic of removing flight or adding some sort of cooldown or fatigue pops up quite a bit on the official forums and fansites. Google it. I dare ya. The main argument seems to be that flying caused the world to become smaller and less immersive.

Ghostcrawler thinks the idea of a cooldown has "potential long term benefits" with the likelihood of a significant backlash from the community. I would agree. But perhaps Ghostcrawler was simply touching on a type of design change that would reduce the playerbase to a bunch of screaming, crying, thrashing babies.

Fast forward five days and Bashiok weighs in on a thread centered on the debate by quoting a forum poster who offered three simple words: "Not this again."

What say you? I may formulate some thoughts and revisit the topic at a later date. Or I might be too busy flying from zone to zone collecting missing battle pets. Oh well.  

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