Thursday, February 14, 2013

WoW Daily: the list grows & the love returns

The good news: I did see Lost in the Deeps and Glop, Son of Glop a couple of times each when I remembered to check for them. The OK-but-makes-the-daily-list-significantly-longer news: I made great progress on the pet battle front, which not only necessitates an update to the veteran leveling guide, but means I have a couple of extra options when it comes to daily tasks: the Pandaren Spirit Tamer fights.

Actually, I'm being dramatic for drama's sake. It's really not that bad. I grabbed the Earth Spirit as the quest reward for how much trouble it gave me, a guildie gifted me an Air Spirit, and the Water Spirit dropped from the bag a couple of days later. Between pet battles and my love (the boomkin pictured above) returning to the game after a six month hiatus, I've been a busy guy. Too busy to chase after mounts that rarely drop.

So I'll be focusing on the two quests above. Just those. In two weeks, I hope to have a level 90 rogue, a level 90 boomkin partner, and no reason to go back to Deepholm for a long, long time.

Happy Valentines!

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