Monday, December 23, 2013

Completionist Leanings: Getting Around with the Shado-Pan

Completionist Leanings is a series for the completionist in all of us. Tips, tricks and guides to help you get things done.

On the surface, Getting Around with the Shado-Pan seems pretty straightforward: complete 15 Shado-Pan dailies while in the company of each of the Shado-Pan heroes. No big deal, right? Kinda. What makes this achievement unique is the fact that there isn't a default way to measure its progress, something that would help in trying to keep track of criteria specific to nine different NPCs. On top of that, there's a known bug involving the quest turn-in, which has translated to players not receiving credit for progress made. I'll provide what you need to know to finish this achievement as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Getting Around with the Shado-Pan

Length to Complete: 27 days minimum

Each day, an NPC at the Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes will offer four daily quests, and one additional quest after completing the initial four, for a total of five quests. There are nine different Shado-Pan heroes, one of whom you can choose to aid you while you complete your quests each day. That's where I get the 27 days: you'll have to complete three sets of dailies with each of the nine heroes, since only five quests are offered daily.

One might think a concerted effort would yield this achievement in just under a month, but that isn't always the case. Out of the nine Shado-Pan heroes, only a handful of them are available for you to choose from each day. Depending on where you are with your progress, there may be days where you head out to the Shado-Pan Garrison only to find that none of the heroes you need for the achievement are selectable that day.

BUGGED: The turn-in

People were dutifully taking up the cause of the Shado-Pan only to notice that progress towards this achievement was not being granted. Turns out that if you turn the quest in while mounted and/or not on the ground with your Shado-Pan companion, you will not be given credit

To ensure you receive credit, completely dismount before turning anything in, ensuring that your Shado-Pan companion is also dismounted. On a couple of occasions, I dismounted but my companion did not. Simply mount back up, dismount, and your companion should do the same.

Check your progress

User OTfor2 over at Wowhead kindly provided this macro that allows you to check how many quests you've done while in the company of each of the heroes:
/run local a=7298 print(format("\124cffFFFF00TODO for %s\124r",GetAchievementLink(a)))for i=1,GetAchievementNumCriteria(a)do local d,_,c,x,y=GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(a,i)if not c then print(format("%s %d/%d",d,x,y))end end
Paste the above text into a macro. Then, click on it to see how many quests you've completed with each hero and plan accordingly. If everything's done right, you should only have to select each hero three times in order to reach the 15-quest requirement.

Good luck!


  1. =0 Turning in quests mounted!! I never (well hardly ever) drop out of flight form as a druid. That makes a whole heap of sense. I only dropped by casually to see what this post was about and blow me it was well worth it.

    I came to Wow late (just prior to Cata going live) and am an achievement whore, but find the old ones difficult as not many people want to run old content. I'll be following this new aspect of your blog with great interest.



    1. Awesome, thanks for the comment!

      Are there certain ones in particular you're having trouble with?