Saturday, December 15, 2012

Til' the cows come home: 9 tips for farming with the Tillers

Oh, the Tillers. I loved the grind. Absolutely loved it. If on a given day I didn't have the drive to do Golden Lotus dailies or a Shado-Pan Monastery run for a small chance at the fist, chances are I still visited the market and my little farm just outside of Halfhill. The Tiller's storyline unfolds at a good pace. Tangible rewards are available almost immediately in the form of veggies you can cook with or sell on the auction house. On reaching exalted, the farm continues to be useful for your main character or alts.

As painless as gaining reputation with the Tillers might seem, there are still some things players can do to make the grind go even more smoothly. For that, I've put together a short list.

  • Each day, Farmer Yoon offers a quest to plant something, i.e. White Turnip Treatment. Credit for the quest is given after planting the requested veggie---you don't need to let it grow. This means you can dig up that plot and plant something more useful. Very helpful when developing a second farm on an alt.
  • For the quest Chasing the Chicken: when you pick up a chicken, instead of doing what the yellow text tells you to do (return to coop, dunk in water), right-click the buff you received after picking up the chicken. Voila! Continue to seek Hillpaw's chicken. Note: If you have chickens on your farm from being best friends with Hillpaw, you can use those for this quest.
  • When tasked to stomp on marmots for Pest Problems, AoE attacks will also provide credit.
  • If you're doing the cooking quest Cindergut Peppers, look for the packs of Kunzen Rockflingers. They're extremely weak mobs, and in my experience, killing one pack will often yield four peppers.
  • Though I'm not sure it's possible to miss: at roughly 2/3 of the way to Exalted, a dog just to the west of your farm will offer the quest Lost and Lonely. Complete the quest and the dog will join you on your farm. Though you don't get to name him, he does respond to /pet!
  • Make sure to keep an eye out for Dark Soil for friendship rep no matter which Pandaria zone you are in. The stuff is everywhere. Seriously.
  • Treat your farm as four plots of four when planting or harvesting. If you stand in the middle of each "square", you should be able to plant/harvest four plants from that position without moving. Time is money, friend!
  • When what you've planted becomes "tangled", hop on a flying mount before right-clicking the plant. You can fly straight up and the vine will break significantly faster than if you were running away. A commenter at WoW Insider mentioned a warrior's Heroic Leap will also work for this. Curious to know if a mage's Blink achieves the same results.
  • If you receive "alluring" or "wiggling" crops after planting, most classes should be able to handle three or more of these mobs at a time. The plainshawk takes a few extra seconds to reach you after right-clicking the alluring crop. Use this time to disturb additional alluring or wiggling crops.
Looking for a comprehensive list like the above, but for all things Pandaria? Head over to WoW Insider where they've published an article with the best of their readers' tips.

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