Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I can haz lootz : epic hoodie edition

Over the last few years, my partner Emily has regularly offered me an epic personal quest: quit smoking cigarettes. For anyone who smokes, there's no shortage of reasons to stop, and the reasons themselves function as rewards: there's the financial aspect, and of course the improvement to immediate and long-term quality of life. Oh, and you don't constantly smell like a zombie rabbit took a shit in your mouth. But then there's that addiction thing.


For better pics of the monk
hoodie, visit Jinx.
After ten years of smoking, I said SCREW YOU CIGARETTES for the last time this past July. I smoked the last stick in the pack, crumpled the carton and dropped it into the trash. Then, I made a silent promise to myself: from then onward I'd simply not venture into a convenience store to buy them. And that's how I quit.

A couple of weeks ago, Emily and I took a little road trip to see two awesome bands. I hadn't realized it at the time, but the weekend marked four months smoke-free. Quest accepted and completed, though I didn't expect a reward (pictured at right). But that's Emily.

So, free advice kiddos: quit smoking. You'll feel better. You'll smell better. Food will taste better. Your wallet with thank you. Your friends and family will support you and be proud of you. Don't hand me that line that you need it to relieve stress or to be creative. I often used that line myself. I needed it to write words, to write music, to think, to be calm. Right.

It's bullshit, and there's living proof everywhere you look. 

Good luck.

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