Friday, March 18, 2016

WoW Weekly: Keeping the Flame Alive

WoW Weekly is a biweekly-ish, self-absorbed look into the things I've been doing -- or not doing -- in the game. From auctioneering and pet battling to mount farming and raiding.

Here we are again.

It's starting to look like Siege of Orgrimmar two-point-oh, sitting on nine months of no new content with nary a Legion release date in sight. Our guild has had Heroic Archimonde on farm since the middle of December, and I'd exhausted all content that personally interested me well before then. I'm not saying there's nothing to do. I'm saying that the options currently available to me don't appeal.

To be honest, I really didn't mind the Siege of Orgrimmar lull. At the time, our guild was in the end stages of a rebuild, and I was happy to use the time to continue recruitment while leveling alts and knocking out old achievements. I spent a lot of time on the Timeless Isle during those months.

I'm having a hard go at biding the time, this time around, for whatever reason. I've settled into the bi-daily routine of collecting garrison gold, but I wouldn't call it "fun." It's nice to not have to worry about paying for a subscription, but if I think about how the minutes spent in-game translate to real dollars...yeah, let's not go there.

But then, there's raid night. Where my temporary aversion to this game disappears, and I'm surrounded by a couple dozen of the raddest folks I've ever played with. Good guildies. Keeping the flame alive.

Ok, enough whining from me. Let's talk things just generally me:

Mythic Hellfire Citadel
The guild group made some serious progress on the Council fight last night. We're handling the earlier stage Reaps much better than we did on our first foray. Phase 3 came relatively consistently, but we've still got a test ahead of us.

I've done a little bit of leveling with the monk over on Wyrmrest Accord; had a brush with death when a named mob I had to kill for a quest gave me a surprising amount of trouble. A couple more strikes would've seen Flasz joining his brother Glasz in the Annals of Failed Adventurers.

Gold Making
I've established a fairly consistent pattern of logging in twice per day to knock out garrison missions, once in the morning and once in the evening. Between profession sales and gold collection, I've just eclipsed 600,000g. As a point of reference, on January 27th of this year I was sitting on just over 300,000g. This means I'm more than keeping up with the average of 100,000g per month---and that's after I've paid for a WoW Token!

Ooh! Yours truly was featured on The Starting Zone podcast's #WhyIWoW segment. We chat about what got me playing, what keeps me (hint: I already told you in this post), and a myriad of other topics.

One of Blizzard's veteran community managers recently announced he was no longer with Blizzard. A sad day. I met the guy once, and wanted to share some words.

Darkest Dungeon
In the WoD lull I'm currently going through, I've revisited my Steam library and pulled out the Darkest Dungeon. If you don't know what that game's all about, check out my first impressions.

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