Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Blizzcon 2015 in Pictures

I'm still deconstructing all of the information that came out of Blizzcon last weekend---there are definitely a couple of posts worth of thoughts, but to start off, I'm simply going to share a selection of the pictures I took. If you have the means to attend Blizzcon, I would highly recommend it. Even though the convention's focus is moving away from Warcraft, and even though Blizzard is packing a lot more content into the weekend which makes it impossible to catch everything, the experience in itself is worth seeing at least once. Or four times, if you're me.

Each year our group rents a little house nearby the convention center. This was the view from the front porch. I'm sparing everyone pictures of the bacon, eggs, toast and mimosa breakfasts. You can imagine how that went.

See-through Nova mini figure. Wasn't impressed with this, was hoping to trade for an ETC before the convention's end. Sadly did not happen. Ping me if you want to trade!

Trip to California not complete without a visit to In-n-Out Burger.

The day before the convention. People starting to filter in.

Front side of the convention center the day before the con.

Beautiful fountain in the courtyard featuring colored water jets.

Sole image I managed to snap of the Wowhead party on Thursday night held on the rooftop of the Hilton. Unbeknownst to me (initially) was that there were two sides to this party; the other half was on the opposite side of the roof, and you had to walk through the Hilton to access it. After wandering to a bathroom in a slight stupor, I accidentally returned to the party on the opposite side, which featured green-lit palm trees instead of the red ones seen above. For a few moments I thought I'd wandered into a parallel universe. 

My signature on the signing wall, which I'm happy to say remained there the entire con---many others got scribbled over due to sheer volume.

Long view of the signing wall, with my buddy @thronus in the foreground at left.

I snap pics of the statues every single year, and they never cease to amaze me. This is probably my favorite. See below for some new statues!

Day of the convention; things are starting to get busy. This is the long walkway that leads to the front of the convention center which is lined with food trucks. 


Gotta love the training dummy!

A blurry Tracer. I'm convinced Blizzard modeled the character after this gal. 

New this year: a Tracer statue, which is available in the Blizzard store (the mini version, of course)

Will the real Darkmoon Faire please stand up?

Kerrigan statue. Just beyond is the entrance to the arena where the Starcraft championships were held.

Winston overshadowing a well-done Rollerskate Nova.

My buddy @thronus and the Tracer we saw earlier.

Winston statue. Fierce.

A couple of beards at Blizzcon featuring yours truly and @Epic_Insanity.

The Lich King. This dude was like 6'8", which only added to the looming presence of the get-up.

Blizzcon would not be Blizzcon without the protesters and the counter-protesters. 

Probably my second-favorite statue.

The above statue includes this base: Mannoroth's lifeless head.

In the coming days I'm hoping to post my thoughts about the Demon Hunter experience I was able to test, in addition to reflections about how Blizzcon has changed throughout the years.

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