Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fly in Draenor With Aviana's Feather

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If I was asked what item I have in Draenor that I could not live without, I'd have an immediate, easy answer: Aviana's Feather. I consider myself lucky having stumbled upon the item within the first couple of weeks after setting foot on Draenor.

Simply put, the item allows flight. Even though the flight's duration is limited, and it's trajectory slants downward, you can cover some serious ground. I've found it especially useful on my PvP server during raid night when the instance portals are often guarded by members of the opposing faction. From several flight point locations nearest the instance I can "fly" directly into the portal, bypassing the wrath of the Alliance.

Not to mention, it can also ease your treasure-seeking expeditions by granting access to up-and-out-of-the-way places one would normally have to work hard to reach.

Acquiring the item is quite simple, as it only requires a couple steps and some daily quest diligence. First, you need to build the Inn/Tavern for your garrison. Level 1 is fine. Once the building is complete, a handful of quest-givers appear daily, offering a variety of tasks to complete in Draenor dungeons. The NPC you're looking for is Skylord Omnuron. When he appears, he'll offer Aviana's Request, which sends players into Heroic Skyreach to kill the final boss and collect its plumage. Once done, all that's standing between you and your very own Aviana's Feather is a hearth to the garrison.

Congrats! It may not quite be flying, but at minimum, it's falling in style.

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  1. This feather is prob my favourite thing from the inn quests and I really rely on it in Nagrand. It was at the point when on an alt without an inn I wasn't actually sure how to reach the stable quest mobs, it's ok though I swapped my alt's building to get the inn :D