Monday, September 2, 2013

Spending the Gold Cap #2: It's easy to spend one-hundred grand

What else to do once you hit gold cap, other than spend your fortune? In the Spending the Gold Cap series, I account for the money I earned as I spend it on Unclaimed Black Market Containers, and the occasional pet or mount from the auction house. There will be tears.

In the midst of my tallies this week I discovered a hole. A gaping, 80,000g hole. Now what did I buy...late at the wee hours of the morning? Please not the Rocket Chicken, please not the Rocket Chicken. It wasn't the Rocket Chicken. Since the last post, I've only been able to land two Unclaimed Containers. Which of course doesn't come close to explaining where the 100,000g+ went. So before revealing the contents of the containers, I'll account for the rest of the money.

Last tally: 918,937g
- 9,000g (character expenses)¹
= 909,937g
- 80,000g (Jeweled Onyx Panther
= 829,937g

¹ A friend recently returned to the game and this money went to setting him up, aside from 500g I sent to my engineer to aid in the leveling process.
² 80,000g for a mount that at the absolute minimum would cost the crafter 72,000g seemed too good to pass up, considering I still mean to craft the four other panther mounts without dipping into my gold-cap money.


Contained: Blood-soaked Invitation
Purchase Price: 7,540g
Resale Value: N/A

Most expensive Brawler's Guild Invite ever??!? Nah, I'm sure someone's received one of these for a much higher final bid. Still, this one stung a bit. I can't even remember how I got into the Brawler's Guild months ago, but given that I did, this item is 100% useless to me, like the majority of items I've received thus far from Unclaimed Containers. The item is soulbound, and will remain in my bags until I muster the nerve to delete it.


Contained: Tyrranical Gladiator's Armplates of Alacrity
Purchase Price: 6,130g
Resale Value: 15g89s (vendor)

As you can see, those are plate bracers. For those playing at home, you may recall my banker here is a mage. But as if the armor type weren't enough to render this item completely useless to me, it's also the Alliance version of the item---I'm a Hordie. This is why I'd really, really like to see some sort of account-wide storage introduced into game so players could at least ferry these soulbound items between one another.

The Tally

- 6,130g

Total Remaining Gold: 816,267g

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