Friday, March 1, 2013

Chasing the Gold Cap - Update #3: A penny saved

The above image was supposed to be taken with the Banker's concubines, but they may not actually exist.
I did it, kind of. Well, I didn't spend much gold in the past two weeks. At least, I didn't spend it on crap I didn't need. Not surprisingly, when you don't spend gold, it begins to accumulate. D'ya think it would work in real life but with teh moneys? Hmm...

(Yes. It works IRL, too.)

Gold amount at last update: 561,888g
Auctioning activity between then and now: moderate to high
Current gold amount: 640,414g
+/- Change: +78,526g

Even though I finally reached exalted with both the Shado-Pan and Klaxxi on the Main, I wouldn't allow the Banker to bankroll the mount purchases. I've managed to pay for the Shado-Pan mounts by just doing random stuff, but March will turn to May before I'll be willing to drop 7000g on a friggin' bug mount from the creepy bug people. Plus, I'm Horde: we already have a scorpion mount. Speaking of the Klaxxi, WTF was up with that "Your gods are not your gods" thing underneath Klaxi'vess? I know I'm a bit late to the soiree, but that line sort of gave me the shivers.

Moving forward, I may need an auctioneering equivalent to Bloodlust; while these last two weeks have been profitable, they weren't much better than the two weeks prior even though I've reported moderate-to-high auctioning activity. Granted, the profit from two weeks ago came at a time where the majority of cut gems on my server were selling for between 150g and 400g. Highway robbery, I know.

Some items of note, in no particular order:
  • Sold the Relic of Xuen I purchased from a guildie last week. I am delighted to have made any profit, even 1000g.
  • The 37k I borrowed to a guildmate for her Vial of the Sands? Still out 30k on that loan and it has been a month since she last made a payment. I'm not going to get that money back, am I? I kid. I'm sure it has simply slipped her mind. She'll remember at some point in the near future and apologize profusely. And probably pay me the rest of the debt right there. I just hope it's before the end of April.
  • I'm not super well-versed in this whole market shift thing and what-not; currently on my server, the supply and demand of cut gems is such that one minute the gem sells for 25g---less than the going price of the raw gem it was cut from---and six to ten hours later sells for 275g. I've made lots of gold by paying a greater amount of attention to the gem market. Really. I made tens of thousands of gold just by monitoring it more. Hint. Hint.
  • Been flipping here and there; lost several hundred gold trying to reset the Mysterious Essence market. But transmogs? It seems like a slow-but-steady trickle market akin to glyphs. Given the small investment I've made, I'd call it a success. However, because I've been regularly collecting auction proceeds and purchasing items through the mobile armory, my accounting addon isn't able to accurately track my sales. That means you'll have to take me at my word. The addon did record purchasing Overlord's Gauntlets for 3g75s, which I promptly resold for 855g. That, my friends, is what I call a Critical Profit.
  • Invested roughly 5k gold in ore and Golden Lotus in anticipation of 5.2. Invested, not spent. It's diction, baby.

See you in two weeks!

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