Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I need to not check my phone as soon as I wake up.

Then, in my sleep-deprived stupor, I won't see those emails whose content I vehemently disagree with. The ones sent to an entire organization. The ones where you simply want to click "reply" to vent your frustration and not "reply all." Had a little mis-tell action earlier this morning, if you hadn't guessed. Where I meant to disagree with one of the email's points in a response back to the sender, my reply was actually sent to the entire organization. Whoops. It wasn't anything major, and though there will be some red faces at the end of the day (mine included), it won't be the end of the world.

That got me to thinking about an incident we had once with a couple of our officers. Guild leadership had been discussing the promotion of new officers for some time in order to reinvigorate the rank. These two officers had indicated they were more happy to step down. However, when the GM was speaking to one of these officers, she quickly and accidentally learned they weren't happy to step down; she received the following tell, which was meant for the other former-officer: you know we have a guild we could go to.


Do you have an epic mis-tell story? I'd love to hear it.

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  1. This is a really good post topic and I've been thinking all night. But, I don't think I've ever done / witnessed a major mis-tell. Although last night I did type "laugh" in guild chat rather than the /laugh I was hoping to do (at the time I was naked dancing with a hordie outside Org). My guild mate just thought I'd lost it :P