Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kaitz asks: What's your daily routine?

WTB manicure. And pencils w/ erasers.
Community blog topics. I'm very much digging them right now. If it weren't for them, the ratio between my drafts and posts would be even greater. I found Kaitz over at Memoirs of a Pet Collector via Nev and her 20 Days of Gold Making community blog topic.

I think I might do too much on a daily basis, and some of it for naught. The idea that I need to maximize my profession CDs, the yield from my farm(s), the amount of active auctions...where did it originate? Can't remember. Truth is, I don't do this daily. But if I had the time, this is what I would do.

At minimum, my quick-and-dirty version takes about 40 minutes.

1. Log onto the Banker. Cancel undercut auctions. Repost auctions. Scan the auction house and look for deals on ore and herbs.

2. Log onto the Alt. Reap crops on the farm. Replant. Look great doing so.

3. Log onto the Enforcer. Cancel undercut gem & jewelry auctions. Cut profitable gems currently not listed. Repost auctions. /Wave at other cuties in the auction house.

4. Log onto my scribe. Scroll of Wisdom CD. Craft profitable glyphs currently not listed via the Banker. Send glyphs to the Banker.

5. Log onto my tailor. Imperial Silk CD. Stare at the multiple stacks in my bag. Wonder when, if ever, I'll level the tailor to 90 and earn the required rep to use any of said silk. Log off in the Silken Fields while hoping I can exit cleanly before being ganked by an Alliance rogue.

6. Log onto the Banker. Post glyphs.

7. Hop onto the Main and reap the farm. Replant. Decide what to do for the day.

Sure, it's only seven steps, but with each step taking up 5-7 minutes, it begins to add up. At this point, I can probably avoid my tailor, but if I truly intend to reach the gold cap by the end of April as previously stated, I can't afford to cut much else.

What about you? If you are answering this question on your own blog, please let me know in the comments so I can check out what you have to say!

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