Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WoW Daily: Going on hiatus

Just watch the above video. Research indicates it carries a 90% chance of making your day better. I mean, come on: it's friggin' YouTube and somehow this video has ZERO thumbs down. Zero. That's gotta be some sort of record. Plus, I used to have a pair of leather pants like that when I was 18.

The reason for the video and the hiatus are the same: I've completed Lost in the Deeps & Glop, Son of Glop, meeting the simple goal I set two weeks ago. And who'da thunk it would only require a little bit of focus. When taking the three minutes to check each day, the quests seemed to be available roughly every three days, a couple of times back to back.

Since I ended up landing all but the Pandaren Fire Spirit in the past week, I've stopped focusing on the Pandaren Spirit Tamers, though I will admit I'm aware the pets (which may be contained in bags players receive from defeating the tamers) can sell for a grand or two on my server. It's something to consider in order to me help hit the gold cap by my target date. The dungeon mounts are an option, but really, there's nothing on the list I feel compelled to do at this point, especially when patch 5.2 looms just around the corner.

Which begs a question: are you happy with the amount and variety of content in this expansion from the bird's eye view? Personally, I find there are a lot of options for one character, let alone two or three. While as an achievement whore I'm drooling to go back and knock out some of the older ones I've missed, I really can't afford to spend the time at the moment. Which I'm OK with.

So this bi-weekly thing here called WoW Daily is going on hiatus. Out of office. AFK.  

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