Friday, October 31, 2014

WoW Weekly: Prepping for Blizzcon

WoW Weekly is a biweekly-ish, self-absorbed look into the things I've been doing -- or not doing -- in the game. From auctioneering and pet battling to mount farming and raiding.

I really can't believe it's here. Which I suppose follows the cycle of the last two Blizzcons. You buy the ticket months in advance and then the wait is so long you kind of forget about it only to soon be faced with the reality of OMG that's next week. 

Having the experience of two Blizzcons under the belt definitely helps. Each year we've gotten smarter about our lodging, planned events and accommodations. While the limo from SNA may have been a bit overkill last year (and definitely made the experience of leaving California via a cab even less glamorous), and the two suitcases of beer was way more than we needed, sometimes you've got to splurge.

In 2012, Chris (@thronus) and I stayed at the Hilton thanks to some sweet lodging deals he was able to take advantage of due to his regular work travels. In 2013, with Dave (@kennylogouts) joining the posse and rounding out the #3WImigos, we decided to rent a house through Home Away. Splitting the cost three ways ended up being significantly cheaper than renting a room at the Hilton, plus it afforded us two bathrooms with showers, a full kitchen that we didn't use nearly as much as we could have, and a private patio.

This year we're again renting a house, though hopefully one that doesn't appear it's been the target of multiple break-in attempts; one where the marble counter isn't falling apart; one where cockroaches don't gather in the kitchen to bid you farewell on your last morning in town.

Also this year, we plan to utilize the kitchen for at least breakfast and late night snacks, something that's been made ridiculously easy through Safeway---they offer a residential grocery delivery service, and what's more, new registrants get the delivery fee waived on their first order! So we ordered a $125 worth of food and beverages and are set to take a lot better care of ourselves nutrition-wise than we did in previous years (yes, it only took me three years to follow some of my own advice).

We'll have the option of gourmet coffee, sausage links, bacon, eggs, toast, fruit, cereal, OJ and champagne---and that's just breakfast (yes, we do take bribes).

Given I'll be in California within five days, my game plans are pretty limited in scope:

  • Wrapped up gathering 300 Tricky Treats and immediately bought the pets. So very much done with Hallow's End!
  • Will likely try to kill Garrosh with some alts who haven't yet killed him for additional heirloom drops.
  • Will likely visit old raid content: Molten Core for Thunderfury; ICC for Invincible; Ulduar for Mimron's Head; Dragon Soul for a couple of achievements to round out the meta.
  • That picture of Martinfury up top? There's a contest running in our guild for "Best Transmog" and the prize is ONE YEAR of game time, the contest ending tonight at 11pm. Think he has a chance?

Going to Blizzcon? Let's meet up!

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