Saturday, October 26, 2013

The music of at Blizzcon? [Confirmed, Updated]

Update 6:45pm CST: According to, Blizzard Senior Composer Jason Hayes' band Critical Hit will perform songs from Blizzard titles at Blizzcon on the Panel Stage from 10am-11am on Saturday (show now listed on the band's website). So Blizzcon attendees and virtual ticket holders will have the chance to hear some of Blizzard's music performed live. Sounds from the Starcraft and Warcraft universes are likely, given that Critical Hit both covers the main theme from Warcraft on their CD, and according to the tweet below, knows themes from Starcraft, too.

While this confirms what I was initially getting at, it wasn't what I expected -- we still have no clue about the entertainment during the closing ceremony. Well played, Blizzard. Well played.

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It's been a long day of standing out in 40-degree weather while enduring 20+ MPH winds. That's how we say farewell to another youth soccer fall season in Wisconsin. I've been rather disconnected from the interwebs all day, pulling out my phone to check email and Twitter as time allows. One of those times, the following exchange caught my interest, and I think you'll see why:

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I screenshotted this one because I'm sure that if it is indeed an accidental reveal, it'll be taken down in short order -- or will be followed up by an official announcement. If you don't quite understand what's being said above, Stafford gave a shout-out to Hayes in regards to Hayes' band's music video cover of the Angry Birds theme song (click here to check it out). Hayes responds, saying he "can't wait to play [Stafford's] Starcraft Terran music at Blizzcon."

Pardon me, what?

Sure that I'd missed the official announcement from Blizzard while I was out, I headed over the Blizzcon's website. Nothing new since the physical goodie bag reveal. Maybe there's a music stage new this year, I thought to myself. I poured over the convention map and I can't find one, if there is one. 

We're well past the date when we knew who the band was for Blizzcon 2011. While there's no reason I can think of to keep something like this a secret for so long, wouldn't it be a cool way to kick off the 10th anniversary year of World of Warcraft, coincidentally the 20th anniversary year of the Warcraft universe?

I sure as hell think so.

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