Friday, October 11, 2013

Spending the Gold Cap #4: Making it worth my time

What else to do once you hit gold cap, other than spend your fortune? In the Spending the Gold Cap series, I account for the money I earned as I spend it on Unclaimed Black Market Containers, and the occasional pet or mount from the auction house. There will be tears.

In the last Spending the Gold Cap, I had only one container to report on. Seems this quiet little server still has some players with deep pockets and a penchant for gambling, which has made container acquisition a bit more tricky, not to mention pricey. The thing is, if you're playing this game, both you and your competition are working with a finite resource: gold. At some point, you're both going to run out assuming you're not making it faster than you can spend it. So how you spend your gold when bidding can be rather important. If you're going to lose the bidding war over these containers, make sure your opponent is paying his/her fair share---the more they pay for containers they win, the sooner (in theory) they'll be pushed out of the market.

I've now noticed a handful of players who regularly return to check the prices on containers, though since the server population is on the lower end, I rarely enter a situation where I'm in a bidding war with more than one person. I pay attention to how often they return to their mailbox to get a sense of how much gold they have on hand. Are they heading to the mailbox every two or three outbids? It's likely they're working with 20-25k gold. The key is paying attention to your competition; it's the only way to drive them out or beat them.

Just the other night I arrived at the BMAH to find a container at just over 6k with less than 30 minutes left. Within a minute or two after my bid, my competition arrived. They ended up leaving with the container, but not before the price was pushed upwards of 20,000g. The week prior, I had a player openly state they were willing to bid up to a whopping 50,000g after I outbid them with a mere 7k. Now curious, I decided to call their bluff. And they weren't bluffing. That player walked away with a container for which they paid more than 40,000g. They must not know they're likely to receive a piece of armor they can't use, or if lucky, a battle pet worth a couple thousand gold. Either way, I removed 60,000g from the market, and hopefully, some competition went with it.

I've gone on long enough, though. I have three containers to report on for this edition, so let's look at the tally:

Last Tally: 804,874g
+ 1,900G¹
- 43g²

Total Remaining Gold: 806,731g

¹ Sold the Teldrassil Sproutling I won in an earlier container.
² Repairs; did some questing and dungeon-running with a friend.


Contained: Cryptstalker Wristguards
Purchase Price: 11,500g 
Resale Value: N/A

I'm getting fairly used to receiving pieces of armor I'll never be able to use---out of everything one can purchase from the BMAH, armor is prevalent, whether no-longer-acquirable tier sets or items for use in current content.  


Contained: Elwynn Lamb
Purchase Price: 6,670g 
Resale Value: ≈ 3,500g

Some may know I'm an avid pet collector, and naturally I have one of these in my collection. You know what that means: let's play Recoup our Losses! This puppy lamb will have to get used to the auction house, because that's where it's going to spend its days until someone takes it off my hands for a couple thousand gold. That, or during a bout of generosity I may just give it away to someone who needs it. 

Contained: Plans: Chestplate of Limitless Faith
Purchase Price: 7,350g 
Resale Value: ≈ 3,000g

A 3k resale value very well may be wishful thinking, as the only people in the market for a chest pattern like this are profession completionists. That's right: someone who wants to maximize the amount of patterns they have on a character might be interested in this, but the chest the pattern creates is all but worthless now, especially given how easy it is to acquire ilvl 496 epics on the Timeless Isle. Now if I could only sell the items from Containers 1 & 2 I'd have enough for an extra container! After these three containers, here's where I'm sitting:


Total Remaining Gold: 781,211g

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