Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chasing the Gold Cap: Not a greedy bastard

I logged into my banker earlier today to collect the cash from a handful of sold auctions and repost those that had expired. You may be tempted to remind me I said I was done with the auctioneering routine after having hit the gold cap. I lied. Apparently, these old habits just don't die.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've mainly been dealing in the transmog market while still selling other odds and ends I come across---moving from a low-pop realm to high-pop realm means the markets require a significantly larger time investment to control, and I'm simply not interested in doing that. I'm averaging around 1000g per day on mostly low-level greens; admittedly, a small take, but more than enough to cover the needs of my cadre of toons.

So I always enjoy opening my mail and seeing something like this:

Though the diction and grammar leaves something to be desired (yes, I'm that kind of a dick), I was happy to see it wasn't a player cussing me out. Cause that happens on occasion. I quickly checked the auction house: gloves were still listed at my designated fallback price of 1499g. Though they were the only pair for sale, of course I'd be happy to sell them to this player for their desired price. They took the time to contact me, they were polite, and perhaps didn't have the means to pay top dollar.

Just a few hours later, I checked my mail again to find a pair of Abjurer's Gloves had sold for 1400g, in addition to a C.O.D. and a thank-you from the player above. Seriously, buyers. Not all of us auctioneers are greedy, heartless bastards. Yes, we have more gold than we'll probably ever spend and for whatever reason are constantly trying to fill our grubby little hands with more, but we'd just as soon share it and support those who also love this game.

I know it can seem frustrating to leveling players in general when they hit the AH for an upgrade only to discover the level 23 cloth headpiece they'd like costs 10x the amount of gold they've amassed. But what about you moggers out there...have you ever contacted a seller to see if you could get a better deal?

Sellers, do you often cut players breaks like this, or are you a cut-throat, no-holds-barred tycoon just trying to make his/her million?

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  1. Transmog has such a high markup that you really aren't losing anything by selling them lower, other than potential profits. I would have gone with this guy. A sale is a sale. But, I have had several messages with lowball offers on other things and I usually ignore them. Often, they end up buying the listed auction anyway.