Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chasing the Gold Cap Update #8: the final week

"If at first you don't succeed, drink yourself stupid and pass out in the streets." - the Banker
I've mentally checked out. While I would absolutely love to add my accounts receivable -- money borrowed to friends and/or located off-server -- to boost the final number, I just can't in good conscience. Like I said earlier on in this series, I knew full well I was in the midst of a personal competition when I sent away that money, accepting that risk in doing so.

Gold amount at last update: 830,972g
Auctioning activity between then and now: extremely low
Current gold amount: 848,914g
+/- Change: 17,942g

A week involving little posting activity has passed, and my profit shows it. Partially because the amount of gold remaining to hit the cap in seven days is staggering: 150,000g. Also partly because I've transferred the Main off-server, which has pulled my attention off Bonechewer as I get assimilated to a new server, guild and faction.

At this rate, I only need to pull in 21,500g every day for the remainder of this month in order to hit the gold cap. And that's likely to happen. Not. Currently, I'm considering making a last ditch attempt to close that gap. If I decide to go for it, I'll begin tonight, and the vast majority of my playtime will involve crafting, flipping and posting.

Since the amount of gold you can transfer with a character caps at 50,000g, I envision slowly spending the gold I've acquired on Bonechewer's BMAH, specifically on pets and mounts I've not yet collected.

All in all, I am a bit disappointed to be in this position right now, but excited still at the prospect of making a mad dash to the finish line. Either way, if I don't see 999,000 gold within a week's time, I'll still be chasing the gold cap on Bonechewer. It's a goal I've been ambling towards for the past nine months, and regardless of not hitting this goal, regardless of server transfers, I will get there, albeit casually.

Thanks for reading.

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