Monday, March 25, 2013

Patch 5.3: Got my eye on you

Well! Blizzard seems to have nailed this shorter patch cycle thing. Are you ready to talk 5.3? No? Too bad, cause they are. If the big news wasn't enough for you this past weekend, they quietly released 5.3 PTR notes. Players will be able to test the lot of the new features soon, according to Blizzard.

Patch 5.3 looks to be another mammoth of a patch, but keep in mind we most likely won't see a new raid tier until 5.4, and Blizzard has stated they have no new 5-man content slated for the remainder of Mists of Pandaria. So what's all going down in 5.3? The short answer is LOTS. The long answer isn't really worth speculating on since we're not yet in the testing phases of the next patch. So I'm going to look at what I consider to be the safe bets.

Scenarios: new & heroic
It's clear we'll be getting at least four of these in 5.3 as they're already named. Battle on the High Seas, anyone? While Blizzard reserves the right to do what they want, I'd be surprised if these didn't make it live. With no word as to a new daily hub -- though it's probable we'll see one -- scenarios seem to be the main content accompanying 5.3 at this point.

Bonus roll...bonus 
The unlucky among us can take heart: Blizzard is stepping in to give RNG a sharp slap across the face. Bad RNG, bad! The chance for a successful bonus roll was increased for all pre-5.2 raids and world bosses, but RNG treats no one the same. As a result, there are still hundreds of players who seem to be experiencing outright crap luck when it comes to using their Elder Charms. Good news for those players and the rest of us, as 5.3's bonus roll bonus functions like the new Determination buff LFR groups are given after a wipe. If you use your coin to no avail, your next roll will have a higher chance to yield an item. This effect stacks until you win!

Gathering profs
Loathe the idea of another 1-600 gathering grind? It gets a little easier come 5.3. Miners and herbalists will be able to loot nodes in Pandaria, though they will only yield a small amount of useable material -- and I'm assuming a skill-up point. Yield is dependent on where a player's mining/herbalism rests. Will players yield 1 Ghost Iron Ore from a node if their skill is low? Or will the materials be something altogether different? I'm curious to see how this will work on the PTR.

Item upgrades return on the cheap
Squeeeeeeeeeee! Yep, I squee, too. Not only do our favorite ethereal dudes return, rocking the item upgrade feature, but it appears they've abandoned their price-gouging ways: fully upgrading a piece of epic gear will cost 500VP, down from 1500VP. Holy effin'...and Justice upgrades will cost 750JP to fully upgrade. This is nice. Real nice. I'll make sure at least the Main is stocked up on VP going into 5.3 with this news.
Unclaimed BMAH crates
They'll be available to bid for on the BMAH, but their contents remain a mystery. I think I now know where I'll spend at least a part of my massive, massive profits.

To date, not much information has been released regarding class changes, though I wouldn't expect too much at this point in the expansion. As far as the triple spec that has been data-mined? I'll have more on that.

I realize there are some *cough* small changes underway for PvP, but that's an article in itself. And I'm not touching that with a 10-foot polearm.

How 'bout you? Anything in these early patch notes that has you particularly excited?

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