Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WoW Weekly: Oondasta!

Pictured: Pterrorwing (fleeing upper left), Oondasta (background), Devilsaur (deceased), and Shaman (about to be)
Yeah. Look at that big, beefy piece of meat. No, I meant the shaman riding the Amber Scorpion. Sexy lookin' fella, no? He's spent the majority of the last two weeks on the Isle of Thunder working for the Sunreaver Offensive. Before any Alliance readers get upset, I never choose the PvP assignment. See? I'm a peaceful shaman at heart. Except when it comes to really old dinosaurs outfitted with flesh-searing weaponry. A guy has to draw the line somewhere.

Surprisingly, killing Oondasta took our group much less time than it did to form said group. Forty-five minutes of gathering 120+ players and three wipes later, the dino was dead and I had a Belt of the Dying Diemetradon in my bags. Our group pulled that monstrosity down to the beach with the tanks standing at the water's edge. The rest of the raid scattered loosely around the sides of Oondasta and tossed out spells and weapons strikes made of pure hope.

Otherwise, after knocking out last week's ToT LFR (Renataki's Soul Charm fuh teh wah!), I made the general rounds on my weekly watch list and was able to get the last pet I wanted from Blackwing Lair. Let me say right now: I will NOT miss traversing the suppression rooms.

No mounts drop, but that's not really news
I remembered reading in the March 11th hotfixes that Prophet Skeram wouldn't be dropping any loot until Blizzard could fix an issue. The issue, you might ask? Apparently the Prophet's illusions were also dropping loot: not just coffer keys, the mounts, and the cursed pet, but Qiraji Lord's Insignias, too. Which would allow a player go from total loser to Exalted with the Brood of Nozdormu in a matter of minutes.

Which reminds me. Awhile back I wrote about the ridiculously terrible RNG that seems to have haunted me for months, wondering if Skeram even dropped the pet I'm after. In examination of our current scenario, seeing that he literally does not drop the pet, I have just one question for you: who's the [censored] prophet now, bee?

Mini Mindslayer, the new, new Maexnna. Someday you will be mine. The completionist in me hopes Blizzard fixes the issue soon. The prophet in me says 'ask again later.'

Update 3/21: A Twitter friend told me the Mindslayer dropped last night and encouraged me to try for it right away in case the encounter wasn't working as intended (in fact, it doesn't appear to be working as intended, as Skeram drops loot but does NOT create mirror images of itself). I took the Main, pet drops. Took the Alt, pet drops. Took another toon, no pet. Perhaps the drop rate is higher, perhaps I just got lucky. Either way, Skeram is once again dropping loot.

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