Friday, February 6, 2015

Concluding my Draenor Campaign...For Now

The pre-Barn, Tavern era of my garrison.

Tuesday night is generally my refresh night for all-things-garrison. My work orders from the weekend are within a day or so of expiration, so I make sure to refresh those. The Barn was a late addition, and I was just shy of earning Level 3 blueprints via Master Trapper earlier this week. So I went to see about some boars and set off a small chain of reaction that essentially signified that was I done progressing my character as it pertains to current content---outside of raiding of course.

Master Trapper allowed me to learn the final set of blueprints required for Grand Master Draftsmen as well as construct the Level 3 Barn, the final building needed for Master Builder. Capping off those achievements netted me Garrison Architect. Aside from the Pet Menagerie and the Fishing Shack, which I plan to chip at throughout the expansion, there's not much left for me in the garrison. Sure, I could work on new buildings combos and achievements, but I assume I'll cover those on alts as the expansion stretches out.

I'm currently 670 ilvl, the garrison campaign is complete and I'm tip-toeing towards the finish line of the last leg of the legendary quest chain. Blackrock Foundry LFR will be a welcome addition to the game in that it'll allow the collection Elemental Runes from bosses the guild's weekly raid may not have defeated. Still, I engage LFR to maximize efficiency, not for my own enjoyment.

That all said, I absolutely love how this expansion has turned out. I have little interest in seriously playing an alt right now, yet there are plenty of things for me to do on Draenor with my main character---if I so choose. Besides hunting rares and treasures, there's Ashran, the garrison buildings I mentioned, reputation grinds, follower collection and leveling, not to mention the ridiculous amount of achievements scattered throughout Draenor.

But you'll find me on the Timeless Isle on off-nights, hunting down rare items and the elusive Golganarr. Or steamrolling through the Lich King's citadel for a futile attempt at Invincible. Or knocking out quests in the Cata-revamped zones for completion's sake.

While I can't deny that it feels like we're a bit light on content in terms of where we are in the expansion, my play style causes me to prefer a landscape that looks a lot more like this, and less than what we saw in Mists of Pandaria.

How's the expansion panning out for you?

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