Thursday, January 16, 2014

Spending the Gold Cap #8: End is nigh?

What else to do once you hit gold cap, other than spend your fortune? In the Spending the Gold Cap series, I account for the money I earned as I spend it on Unclaimed Black Market Containers, and the occasional pet or mount from the auction house. There will be tears.

Ahhh. It's been a good run. Look at me, already talking in the past tense. 

With gold reserves dwindling down to the half-million mark, my thoughts are increasingly turning to how else I might be rid of the sum. All while keeping in mind that the character who holds the gold is stranded on a dead server. I hadn't realized it had been so long, but I haven't actually won a container since November---though somehow I've managed to spend over 70,000g since the last update a few weeks ago. Yikes. I've got some accounting to do. 

Granted, the urgency with which I've monitored the BMAH---even on days where an Unclaimed Container has been posted---has lessened significantly since that time. Plus, given the unfortunate but expected loss taken on nearly every single Unclaimed Container won, I'm not sure I want to chance the second half of the gold cap on more PvP armor I can't even wear. 

Finally, the dead server my banker is stranded won't be dead much longer: it is scheduled to be connected to three or four other realms in the near future, which I have to imagine will only increase the amount of competition I experience when vying for Unclaimed Containers. Like I mentioned earlier, for the second time in a row I have no Containers to report on, yet a hefty sum of gold has been spent: 

- 50,000g¹
Total Remaining Gold: 543,414g

¹ Went against my own words (again) and transferred a character to my main server, sending gold with him in the process.
²Donated this amount to gold-maker and Twitter friend WoW Profitz for a giveaway promotion he is running.
³My SO has reached 90 on her seldom-played toon, so in addition to Pandaria flight, I financed the gems and enchants on her Timeless gear.
Incurring eternal damnation from pet-collecting purists, I used to identify missing, tradeable pets and have been scanning the auction house, buying up those at prices befitting of my frugal sensibilities.

The annotations speak for themselves, methinks. While I won't yet say I'm done purchasing Unclaimed Containers, I haven't had great luck as of late and I'm itching for a change. Time invested has not been worth it, and I suspect that relationship will only worsen once realms are connected and the Black Market Auction House has a greater pool of potential buyers.

Til next time, may your bonus rolls include extra gold!

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