Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chasing the Gold Cap Casually: Hold onto those greens

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So I haven't completed abandoned auctioneering after hitting the gold cap after all. Now I just do it more casually and pass on my tips. 

Haven't totally gotten out of the auctioneering game---but I'm no longer making enemies. I am pleased to say that casual posting every couple of days or so has provided me with a steady income---even a profit in spite of all the silly things I throw gold at. But I'm not seeing income through the channels that were familiar to me on my old server when pushing for the gold cap---mainly gems, glyphs, and enchants. I simply don't have the time or will to spend much of an effort controlling a market. However, being on a more active server has provided some pleasant results in the transmog market.

You see, I run The Eye, Molten Core and Stratholme each week for reasons you can probably guess---oftentimes on multiple toons. This nets me with a ridiculous amount of BoE green weaponry and armor. I've been saving and posting everything (except, of course necks, rings and trinkets, and could probably do the same with cloaks and wrists as they aren't big sellers, either). Even the 80-90 greens I've come across while farting around in Pandaria. Blues, too, will serve as good sellers on occasion.

I had my TSM auctioning group set up with a fallback price of 775g---meaning that if there's no item like it on the AH, that's the default posting price. Now that I've noticed I'm selling roughly three pieces every two days at fallback---that's not counting the items that only go for several hundred---I've raised the fallback price to 1475g. Eager to see what happens, though I don't anticipate sales to slow down, even with doubling the fallback.

So if your server isn't completely dead and you'd like a steady income from casual posting, hold onto those greens! If you think your server's economy is too sluggish, this advice should be relevant come 5.4 with with introduction of virtual realms, which by all accounts will include auction-house sharing. A penny (or item) saved is a penny earned, and this holds true in Warcraft---so long as you can afford the bag space.

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