Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Feck • less


1.  (of a person) Lacking in efficiency or vitality.
2. Unthinking and irresponsible.

powerless - ineffective - helpless 

Last Sunday started out very much like most Sundays have since the end of October. Well, other than the fact I awoke to a soft covering of snow on the ground and rooftops. I left the snow for the sun to melt, a task to which Sol quietly obliged. 

The small, casual guild I'm in---a group of people who've been playing together for several years---has always held a weekend daytime raid. A raid tailored to my personal schedule was what I sought out, and was how I found them more than three years ago.

Back to Sunday. I logged on around 10:30am to prepare for the day's raid. In addition to holding a leadership position in the guild, I also manage and lead the raid. The day before, Saturday, we'd gone 2/6 in Mogu'Shan Vaults without leaving any time for attempts on Gara'jal.

Unfortunately, we didn't raid on Sunday. Two no-shows and the unwillingness to pull a random into our struggling group drove me to cancel. Later in the afternoon, I informed the guild leader and the two officers of my decision to step down from leading our raid group.

Now, the reasoning behind the existence of this here space I'm writing is three-fold: firstly, I enjoy writing. Believe it or not, I used to do it a lot more. Warcraft might help focus the topics, since a lack of focus is one of the things that I often use as an excuse to not write. Secondly, writing a WoW-related blog is something I've been thinking about doing for some time.

The last reason lies within the title of this blog. While I'm not being fair to myself by donning the label of "feckless," there are a lot of different aspects to examine surrounding the breakdown of our raid group. It's not easy to isolate a single reason. Really, I like the word and I can be lazy when it comes to descriptions.

In addition to general WoW-related posts, this is where I'll delve into the why's and talk honestly about successes and failures as a player, a raider, and a guild leader. Perhaps others can find something worthwhile as well.

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